6 Best things to do in Plav, Montenegro

Tours and activities in Plav

Plav is a north-eastern town in Montenegro. And since the town of Plav is the only larger town of higher centrality with supermarkets, restaurants and other supply facilities, it is, therefore, ideal for a longer stay. Not only that but this is also the perfect place to be if you’re seeking some physical activities like hiking. The beautiful nature plus amazing people will make you want to explore this town more. Check out our list below of the best things to do in Plav, Montenegro to give you an idea.

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List of best things to do in Plav, Montenegro

1. Prokletije National Park

The Prokletije National Park on the border between Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo are the finest. It is an insider tip for everyone who loves nature, authenticity, hiking, nice people, and a break. Gigantic mountains, green meadows, and clean spring water invite you to spend a few days in the national park. The untouched mountains, barren landscapes, unforgettable panoramas, and sporty hikes are truly a joy for every active mountain and nature lover. 


2. Oko Skakavice

The “Blue Eye” of Montenegro is quite remote from the tourist centers in Prokletije National Park near the border with Albania. The spring itself is beautiful, and a walk from the Grlja waterfall is ideal. Not only the source but above all the beautiful surroundings with the incredible mountain panorama make a visit here unforgettable! If you have a little more time with you, you can continue for about 2 hours and pay a visit to the, mostly dry, “snake lake” Ropojansko Jezero right on the Albanian border.

3. Plav Lake

A beautiful lake for fishing, swimming, and relaxing. A visit to Plav Lake is worthwhile because of the scenic location, the friendly people, and the good food. The highlight at the lake is probably the view of the Prokletije mountains, a wonderful mountain panorama! The walk at sunset is also particularly worthwhile when the sun sinks into the lake opposite. And for all those who have brought more time and money with them, a stay in one of the lakeside hotels is also an option.

4. Redzepagic Tower

Redzepagic tower is one of the structures considered as the symbol of Plav. The tower was built in 1671 by Hasan Bey Recepagiç and it looks like a small castle. This residential tower is a small, rich museum that clearly documents the past times in this region. 

5. Hrid Lake

People call it the lake of fairies or happiness. It is accessed from Plav by an 18 km road. You have to park your car in Bajrovica Katun and walk on an ascending path for just over an hour to reach it. And when you’re there, you’ll see how beautiful it is plus the water is very clear and not too cold. Furthermore, the surrounding area is also a really nice sight to see.

6. Holy Trinity Monastery

The Holy Trinity Monastery is a little hidden but easy to access. As soon as you enter it will seem like you are in another dimension. There is an atmosphere of mysticism in the midst of the frescoes.


These are the 7 possible things to do in Plav, Montenegro. Although is not a huge town, you can truly have a wonderful stay here not only for 1 day. Have you been to any of these spots? If Plav is not yet on your list of places to visit in Montenegro, then you’re missing out on something exciting and thrilling!

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