Things to do in Zabljak During Summer

Summer tours and activities in Zabljak

This small town in northern Montenegro is an ideal place to visit in both the winter and summer seasons. There are plenty of activities to do and places to explore. In Zabljak, you can try zip lining, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and many more during the hottest season of the year. If you’re thinking of other activities to do, here’s a list of the things to do in Zabljak during summer.

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List of best things to do in Zabljak during summer

1. Tara Bridge

The Tara Bridge is very impressive and if you are in the area, you should see it. Those who are brave can use a zip line that is 1 km long across the gorge. Those who are less brave can use one of the two shorter zip lines over the gorge. Highly recommended because the view is simply wonderful.

Check out this incredible Tara Canyon Whitewater Rafting adventure!


2. Crno Lake

Summer entertainment in Zabljak is a hike to Black Lake. The most picturesque lake in the mountains. The water in the Black Lake is of a really thick emerald color, this color is given by greenish stones at the bottom, which, in contact with water, acquire a unique emerald hue. There is a cafe on the shore, you can sit with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and admire the surrounding landscape. You can also swim in the lake, or you can rent a boat.


3. Bobotov Kuk

Bobotov Kuk is not exactly the highest point in Montenegro which should be located on the border with Albania. But the whole hike is gorgeous, with mountains, lakes, and nature! The hike is long, which basically requires physical condition. The route is very scenic and, in addition, the shortest of all. In a few places, there’s a rope to help with rock climbing. It is advisable to bring enough water during the hike.


4. Durmitor National Park Visitor Centre

It is impossible to know Montenegro without visiting the north of the country! A very beautiful and worth visiting place. At Durmitor Park, you can buy delicious berries, enjoy nature, clean air, and lots of greens. If you do not visit this national park, you cannot fully understand Montenegro. Everything else is here; people, cuisine, and landscapes.

5. Zminje Lake

The road to Serpent Lake is very picturesque. Throughout its entire length, the trail winds parallel to the Mlinsky stream – a small but fast forest stream. The lake itself is a quiet and cozy forest lake. There are benches and tables on the shore, next to it, a fontanel beats from a stone. A very calm, beautiful, and cozy place. The ideal radial route without stress, suitable for people of all ages.


6. Jablan Lake

An excellent place for walking, peace, and contemplation. There are trekking paths, and shops with water and food. You can go to it along the most picturesque path. It can be seen that the lake itself has become very shallow during the hot months, but the water in it is refreshingly cool. In the water, you can find leeches, newts, and even snakes, the farther from the coast, the more muddy the bottom. Highly recommended o visit during the summer season!

7. Stecci

On the route from Podgorica to Pljevlja, turn left towards Njegovudje. After a while, you will see the village of Bare Zugica. And here on the right side of the narrow asphalt road, behind a group of houses, you will see well-preserved artifacts of the past centuries, a medieval necropolis. Stecci is medieval tombstones, rich in various ornaments, most of which are well preserved. This necropolis is either antique or medieval. Most of the stone slabs are covered with carvings. Surely a must-visit!

8. Vrazje Lake

The lake is smaller than the Black Lake but no less pleasant. The place is beautiful and quiet and there are almost no tourists. It is located in the hills near Durmitor. Vrazje Lake is a clean small lake with stunning surrounding landscapes. A chic place for quiet walks and meditation.

9. Riblje Lake

There are many lakes in the vicinity of Zabljak, one of them is the Lake of Fish or Riblje Lake, it is named so for a reason, the locals say that fishing on this lake is amazing! The lake is located on a plateau called the Greek side and got its name from the abundance of fish in it. They say that the largest trout in Europe is found here. It’s a quiet and beautiful place. A good place to relax and fish.

10. Monument to the Heroes and Partizans of World War II

This monument is located near the Black Lake in Durmitor Park. The design of the monument is unusual, but you will feel very touched and pleased that those who died in the war are treated with dignity.
And those are the things to do in Zabljak during summer. If you’re planning to visit this town in the summer, you will surely have a great vacation because of the amazing places you can visit!

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