6 Best things to do in Risan, Montenegro

6 Apr 2021
Written By Jonathan Howe
Compared to Kotor, Risan is a lesser-known town in Montenegro. Away from the tourist flow of the Gulf, visiting this site is interesting. The town of Risan is characterized by having one of the oldest Roman mosaics in Europe. It is also considered the oldest town in Boka Bay. To get to know more about the places to stay and the things to do in Risan, just check out our list below!

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List of best things to do in Risan, Montenegro


1. Risan Mosaic

Risan’s main attraction is the Roman villa and the mosaics that are still preserved on the pavement. An interesting Roman archaeological site in the town. One of the motifs of the mosaics is that of Hypnos, reclining on a pillow, the god of sleep, the only testimony in the entire Roman world. The villa, discovered and excavated in 1930, may have belonged to a patrician and is dated between the 2nd and 3rd century AD. An upper structure protects the mosaics, and there are information panels, as well as a guided tour in English that you can arrange.

2. Church of St. Peter and Paul

In the heart of the small town of Risan, in an old park, there is a small but very cozy church with a quiet old cemetery behind it. The bell-ringing notifies the town of the time and the transience of everything. This church is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul for Orthodox worship. It is located in the depths of the park, surrounded by greenery, and has a calm and pleasant environment.

3. Banja Monastery

Banja Monastery is located near the sea, on the road that connects Risan with Perast. The founding of this monastery dates back to the 12th century and it is believed that it owes its name to the Roman baths that existed in Risan. The current church monastery treasury has a large number of precious objects such as icons from Boka, Greece, Russia, works of various craftsmen, and examples of artistic church embroidery.

4. Gabela Street

The town of Risan is tiny but it houses the oldest street in Montenegro, Gabela street. The most popular street in Risan. This beautiful little street is ideal to walk both day and night. It’s full of restaurants and businesses facing the sea. At night you can see the lights in the mountains that look like Christmas trees. Gabela Street is the only way from the city to the mountainous regions. Walking up the street a little, you can turn right and see a large, but fading house. According to some guidebooks, this is the Ivich Palace.

5. Restoran Risan

Have the best and the freshest seafood in Risan! Restoran Risan serves not only delicious but also huge portions of food. Their local mussels and oysters are not to be missed! But if you are not fond of seafood, no worries as you can also try their popular beef stroganoff. Furthermore, you can also have a nice view of the bay from this restaurant.

6. Take a side trip to Perast

Since Perast is only a few kilometers away from Risan (around 3 km), going here is not so difficult. The travel time would only take you around 5 minutes by car or taxi. In Perast, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy seaside resort of Montenegro. This idyllic village in Kotor is the perfect side trip if you are in Risan.
Although the town of Risan is small, there are still places that are possible to explore. These 6 things to do in Risan can be done all in one day which is really amazing since it can give you much more time to spend in other towns nearby.

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