Montenegro border webcams - live traffic at the Montenegrin border checkpoints

29 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
In mid-2019, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro provided citizens and tourists with an overview of the Montenegrin border crossings' current situation. Thanks to the cameras at the Montenegrin border checkpoints, interested passengers can determine how passable the roads are at any time. Following the information about the border situation, the whole road trip organization is much more comfortable. Useful thing, isn't it? It certainly is, especially in the summer, when everyone expects traffic jams.

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Crossing the  Montenegrin border

In most cases, concerning the necessary documentation, crossing the Montenegrin border is quick and easy. The problem arises in the rush hour during the summer. The influx of a large number of tourists at the same time sometimes causes kilometers of columns of cars. Random customs inspections and high temperatures additionally complicate the whole case. With the possibility of reviewing the situation at the borders, travel planning and time savings are somewhat facilitated.

How do the  Borders' Webcams in Montenegro work?

The service enables the visual display of entrances and exits from border crossings from two lanes: incoming and outgoing. The cameras cover ten Montenegrin border checkpoints, and no additional applications are required to view video streams. You can access them from a computer and mobile phone with an internet connection. All you have to do is "click" on the desired border crossing link and wait for the video to load. The recordings are updated every half hour, which is enough to create an accurate picture of the checkpoint situation.

On the following WEB pages, you can view the webcam footage at each of the main border crossings:

Cameras from border crossing points with the Republic of Albania

Cameras from border crossing points with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cameras from border crossing points with the Republic of Serbia

Cameras from border crossing points with the Republic of Croatia

Road Herceg Novi – Dubrovnik (BCP Debeli brijeg)

Visual and timely informing of the public about traffic intensity at the borders is essential during the summer tourist season. If you drive to Montenegro at the tourist season's peak, we advise you to check the border crossing footage that you will pass a few days in advance. This way, you can decide when is the best time to enter the country and make better use of your vacation time. It is certainly not fun to spend hours in the sun, trapped in a column of trucks and cars. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro announces that it will undertake continuous activities to improve electronic services to be an even more efficient service to citizens and guests staying in Montenegro. 
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