Cost of Living in Montenegro (2024) | Comprehensive Guide to Montenegro Expenses

Cost of Living in Montenegro (Monthly expenses in Montenegro)

Considering a move to the beautiful Balkan country of Montenegro? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the cost of living in Montenegro, giving you a detailed insight into the expenses you can expect when living here. From housing and utilities to food, transportation and internet in Montenegro, we’ll provide a thorough breakdown of Montenegro’s costs to help you plan your move and make the most of your new life in this stunning destination.
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You will also find this guide useful if you’re considering living in Montenegro as a digital nomad.
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What is the cost of living in Montenegro in 2024?

The cost of living in Montenegro for most foreigners will be at least 1000 Euros per month in 2024 due to the steep rise in accommodation rental prices since 2022. Continue reading for a more details breakdown of living costs in Montenegro.

Is living in Montenegro expensive?

Montenegro is a budget-friendly country to live in. For a family of four, estimated monthly costs are around €1,856.5 without rent, while for a single person, it’s around €535.9 without rent. The cost of living in Montenegro is on average 45.4% lower than in the United States. Rent in Montenegro is on average 69.5% lower than in the United States.

What is the cost of a meal in Montenegro?

You can have a simple meal like pizza, pasta, or salad for under 10 euros. If you’re adding a steak or fish, it can cost 14 euros or more. Many restaurants offer reasonable prices for lunch menus. You can get a large beer for 2-3 euros, depending on the place.

What is the average cost of an apartment in Montenegro?

The monthly rent for an apartment in the city center for one or two people can cost over 500 Euros, while apartments for larger families can cost twice as much and more depending on the location.

Is Montenegro cheaper than Croatia?

Montenegro is slightly cheaper than Croatia because of its different currency. However, the price of food and drinks is not significantly different.

What is a good salary in Montenegro?

In Montenegro, the average wage is €666.17/month, while the maximum rate of average wage for employees was €940/month in January 2023. In 2022 the minimum salary in Montenegro increased from €250 per month to €450 per month.

Is Montenegro a budget-friendly destination?

Montenegro is a budget-friendly holiday destination, and accommodation and food are reasonably priced. Total holiday costs can be around €84/day, according to Budget Your Trip. Even luxury holidays are affordable in Montenegro compared to other destinations.


Montenegro Cost of Living Comparison Table – 2024

Montenegro Cost Of Living Comparison

February 2024

Type of ExpenseMontenegro
United Kingdom
Austin, TX
milk Milk 1 liter€1.08€1.21€1.11€0.99
water Water 0.33 liter€1.11€1.29€2.41€1.76
Petrol Petrol 1 liter€1.48€1.78€2.00€0.85
Diesel Diesel 1 liter€1.53€1.76€1.84€1.03
Coke Coke/Pepsi 0.33 liter€2.07€1.99€2.58€2.33
Cappuccino Cappuccino 0.25 liter€2.09€3.70€3.17€4.67
Eggs Eggs 1 dozen€2.30€2.43€2.91€3.68
Beer Domestic Beer 0.5 liter€2.50€5.05€4.00€5.59
Meal Meal for two mid-range€40.00€67.37€60.00€74.52
outside-center Rent-1 bed outside center€418.57€873.91€847.91€1520.48
city-center Rent-1 bed city center€572.22€1126.25€1136.25€2254.93

1. Rent or Buy

If you have no plans yet to buy a property, then you can find a long-term rental first. The cost of this will depend on the location, rooms, and if it’s first-class or a luxurious condo or apartment. These are monthly rates. These may or may not include fees like electricity, water, etc.

  • Studio Apartment or Condominium (1 Bedroom or Bathroom) – EURO 350 – 550
  • Apartment with 2+ Bedrooms and Shared Bathroom – EURO 450 – 650
  • Apartment/House with 2+ Bedrooms and 2+ Bathrooms – EURO 550 – 1000+
  • Fully-Furnished Fancy Properties Costs – EURO 1500 +
  • First-Class Properties – EURO 2,000 +

You can also check out our article on How to Buy a Property in Montenegro.


2. Utilities

You may also pay utilities like Electricity, Water, etc. especially if this is not included in your rental agreement. Take note that during winter months, your bill would be bigger as you need heating. As for the internet, it will depend on the speed and the add-ons.

  • Utilities – EURO 50 – 100
  • Internet + Cable TV – EURO 18 – 60

3. Transportation

You could buy a car in Montenegro, especially if you live far away from local amenities. However, you can also ride a bus for transportation or taxis. Here are the expenses you might incur:

  • Fuel Budget – EURO 50 – 100 per month
  • Public Transportation – EURO 0.4 – 1 within the town
  • Monthly Passes – EURO 15 – 25 per month
  • Taxis – EURO 1 per kilometer
  • Car Rental – EURO 300 – 500 per month

4. Groceries

Another important thing you should consider is the expenses for your food or groceries. There are many grocery stores you can find. If you want to have fewer expenses, then you can have your garden like us! Below is the estimated amount you’d have to budget every 2 weeks:

  • For one person – EURO 50 – 100
  • For a couple – EURO 80 – 150
  • Family – EURO 100 – 250
  • Additional for Pets – EURO 50 – 100

5. Eating Out – Food or Drinks

Another thing you should budget is if you want to chill or relax and spend time outside, here are the costs you might pay

  • Cheap Restaurant – EURO 4 – 10 per meal
  • Three-Course meals – EURO 15 – 30
  • Fast Food – EURO 3 – 5
  • Desserts – EURO 3 – 5
  • Bread – EURO .10 cents – 1
  • Alcohol – EURO 2 – 5
  • Soft Drinks – EURO 1.5 – 2

Overall, you might need to spend at least 800 to 1000 Euros per month per person. Considering the cost of living in other big EU countries that are at least EURO 800 per month, you can surely save a lot in Montenegro. It’s excellent here, and if you want to move, you can contact me as I have a company that will help you migrate here with less hassle. You won’t regret living in Montenegro!

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