Getting Around Made Easy: Your Guide to Taxis in Montenegro for Beginners in 2024

Guide to using Montenegro taxi for beginners: Taxi directory & apps

Don’t let taxis in Montenegro overwhelm you! Our expert guide for 2024 provides everything beginners need to know, from taxi fares to safety tips.

Whether you are new to Montenegro, here for vacation or to live in Montenegro long term as a digital nomad, this article will make sure you can get to where you need to be! Here’s a guide to using Montenegro Taxi for Beginners. We will be writing taxi numbers and applications you should save on your phone for your travels here. It is important to note that having an internet connection in Montenegro is vital to use taxis conveniently.

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What are the best taxi companies in Montenegro?

What taxi apps are there in Montenegro?

Private Transfer Taxis in Montenegro

Private transfer taxis are always the most convenient option for planned journeys, to/from the airport, from one hotel to another, or even for a private tour around the sights of Montenegro! With that in mind, before you move on to our list of taxi companies in Montenegro and how to use them, have a look at the private transfer taxi services available below.


Unlike power countries in Europe, public transportation in Montenegro is not yet one of the best. There are no trains connecting cities, but there are buses. However, if you don’t feel comfortable riding public transport or in case they have stopped like during the pandemic, one way to travel all around Montenegro is by Taxi. Read our Taxi Guide for Montenegro.

Taxi Companies

Red Taxi

Red Taxi is the best taxi in Montenegro; it’s highly recommended by locals and ex-pats alike. Taxis are available 24/7. Booking ahead through their website or chats are efficient.

Calls: 19714; 19740; +382 069 034 892; +382 067 319 714
SMS: +382 069 0 19714; +632 068 0 19714
Viber: +382 068 0 19714
Calls: 19719
SMS / Viber / Whatsapp: +382 67 248 588; +382 67 019 719
Calls: 19729
SMS / Viber / WhatsApp: +382 67 254 800; +382 67 019 729

Djir Taxi

Another company that is recommended by locals and expats is Djir Taxi. They are based in Kotor and Tivat. Services are available 24/7.

Kotor: 19737
SMS / Viber: +382 67 019 737
Tivat: 19777
SMS / Viber: +382 67 019 777

MB Taxi Tivat

For those who are on Tivat, you can ride with MB Taxi. If you are arriving at Tivat Airport and want to travel to other places in the country, they are reliable.

Calls: 19503
SMS: +382 32 540 126; +382 68 800 910
Viber: +382 68 800 910

Taxi Travel in Montenegro

It’s a taxi company that was established in 2003. Vehicles are usually Volkswagen and Mercedes, and they also have vans. They are based in Podgorica.

Call / SMS / Viber / WhatsApp: +38269 949 197

Royal Taxi

The taxi in Podgorica Airport is Royal Taxi. You can book them ahead so that you have no problems when you arrive in the country. They already have fixed prices; you can check them and compare them with other companies.

Calls: 19702
SMS: +382 67 019 702

Happy Taxi

In case you are in Budva, then Happy Taxi is one of the Taxi companies operating there.  

Calls: 19515
SMS / Viber: +382 68 590 222; +382 69 019 515

Maestro Taxi

Maestro Taxi is a taxi company that mainly operates in Herceg Novi, the part that shares a border with Croatia.

Calls: 19530
SMS / Viber: +382 67 019 530; +382 68 019 530; +382 68 019 530

Book Montenegro taxis through applications or websites


Go Montenegro

Go Montenegro offers Airport and Hotel Transfers. They have available vehicles for big groups, so if you are more than 4, you can book your transportation here. There are also prices available before you book, so you won’t have a problem with being tricked.

Calls: +382 69 737 787

TeslaGo App

If you want to experience riding Tesla electric Cars, then book a ride with Tesla Club. Their application can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. They are based in Podgorica. Payment can be made through cash or card.

Calls: +382 69 057 073

Yes Taxi Montenegro

Yes, Taxi can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. It’s a bit like Uber or Lyft where you can book taxis online. You can see their movement in real-time. You will also see a calculation of how much you will be paying.

Applications that will help you in riding Montenegro taxis



Most taxi operators and drivers have Viber. Viber is an application where you can call or text other Viber users for free. There’s no need to buy a local sim card, just mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can communicate with them through this application. Most locals also use this to contact and in case you don’t know what to say. Here’s an example:

Dober Dan, Aerodrom Tivat – departure. (Good day or good afternoon, Tivat Airport – departure)

Then, the taxi driver or company will tell you their taxi number and how many minutes you will wait.


Just like Viber, WhatsApp is also a messaging and calling application that can be installed in your phone. You can send taxi operators or drivers a message anytime when you have internet. Though most taxi operators have Viber, some have also started to use WhatsApp. 

Google Translate

Montenegro is not an English speaking country. Though there are many Expats and some locals are studying English, many of them are not fluent. I suggest downloading a Google Translate App, especially the languages Serbian and Croatian (no Montenegrin available), to help you converse with your driver.

Google Maps or any similar Map Application

We are not experts on the roads in another country, so to be safe and to know that we are not cheated on, you can use Google Maps to track if you are going the right way. There are quite many honest drivers in Montenegro, especially those under taxi companies, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Taxi Rates

Here are the usual Taxi Rates


Montenegro Taxi Tips for Beginners

  • Avoid getting taxis at the airport, bus, or train terminals; they are said to charge 2x or 3x the original rate
  • Be careful with unregistered Taxis; most taxis have big numbers on their car and “TX” on their licence plate.
  • You can call these companies or book taxis ahead, you can tell them your flight details, and they will wait for you at the airport
  • Locals and Expats in Montenegro highly recommend communicating with reliable taxi companies; you can use Viber or WhatsApp
  • Mention your name on the conversation (especially if not using an App); another person might ride what you have booked
  • There are taxi meters that will provide how much you will pay; you should not pay more than €1 per kilometer
  • Ask for a receipt
  • In case your journey is long, then you and the taxi driver can agree with the price ahead
  • Take note of the Taxi ID Number or their company number – it’s big and starts with 19; this is in case you have problems like you left your passport or overcharged
  • If a taxi driver is harassing you or overcharging you, you can call the police. The police number is 122. Submit a picture of the driver’s taxi number and the plate number.

That’s our guide to Using Montenegro Taxi for Beginners. I hope this Montenegro Taxi Directory will help you as you travel in the country, especially if you decide to become a temporary residence permit in Montenegro! May you have fun and memorable adventures!

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