Montenegro Company Formation & Residency Services - Fully Managed Solution

Montenegro Company Registration and Residency Services

Introducing our Montenegro Company Formation and Residency Services – a comprehensive, fully managed solution designed to guide you through every step of establishing your business and obtaining residency in this low-tax European destination. From your initial consultation call to handling your company's accounting, our team of experts is committed to ensuring a seamless process and helping you make the most of Montenegro's unique business opportunities.

Our service includes:
  1. Initial consultation call: Discuss your goals and requirements with our experienced professionals to ensure a tailored approach for your business and residency needs.
  2. Company registration: We'll help you choose the right business structure, register your company with the Central Register of Business, and handle all necessary publication fees.
  3. Residency application: Our team will guide you through the residency application process, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements and providing assistance with document submission.
  4. Work and residence permits: After your residency application is approved, we'll support you in obtaining your work and residence permits, making sure you meet all conditions and submit the required documentation.
  5. Opening company and personal bank accounts: We'll help you open both company and personal bank accounts within the Montenegrin banking system to streamline your financial operations.
  6. Managing your company's accounting: Our professional accountants will oversee your company's financial affairs, ensuring compliance with Montenegrin tax regulations and providing expert advice to maximize your profitability.
Choose our Montenegro Company Formation and Residency Services for a hassle-free experience and a successful transition into the thriving Montenegrin business environment. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on growing your business and enjoying the benefits of Montenegro's low-tax, high-quality lifestyle.

The Complete Montenegro Company Registration and Residency Service:

  • Consultation session with Jonathan Howe - documents to prepare, itinerary, meeting arrangement
  • Document translation
  • Company Formation
  • Residency / work permit application
  • Accounting and bank account setup
  • Charges, taxes, local consultants
Price per person: €2100 (1 Company with 1 Permit)
Duration: 4-6 weeks

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