10 Reasons You Should Register a Company in Montenegro in 2023

31 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe

Why Register a Company in Montenegro in 2023?

Company registration in Montenegro comes with many personal and business advantages

Registering a company in Montenegro has become an increasingly attractive option for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and families seeking new opportunities in Europe. This hidden gem, nestled along the Adriatic coast, offers a unique blend of business advantages and lifestyle benefits that make it the perfect place for company registration and residency. If you're looking to optimize your business operations or find a European base outside the EU, Montenegro could be the answer you've been searching for.
  • As a small or medium-sized business owner, you understand the importance of finding a low-tax location that can support your company's growth. Montenegro's favorable tax environment, coupled with its strategic location and easy company registration process, offers the ideal conditions for business success. Young professionals and remote workers will also appreciate the country's high quality of life, diverse natural beauty, and affordable cost of living. With the growing popularity of geo-arbitrage, Montenegro presents a unique opportunity to maximize your income and quality of life simultaneously.
  • In this article, we'll explore the top 10 reasons why you should consider company registration in Montenegro in 2023. We'll delve into the country's business benefits, tax advantages, and lifestyle perks, demonstrating why this captivating destination is increasingly capturing the attention of entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide. Additionally, we'll discuss the ease of obtaining residency in Montenegro, making it an even more appealing choice for those seeking a European home away from home. So, if you're ready to unlock the potential of relocating to Montenegro for your business and personal life, read on to discover how this charming Balkan nation could be the key to your success.
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A photo of a small church on an island in Montenegro with text overlay - 10 Reasons to Register a Company in Montenegro in 2023
10 Reasons to Register a Company in Montenegro in 2023

1: Montenegro's Favourable Tax Environment

Low Corporate and Personal Tax Rates:

Montenegro's competitive corporate tax rates (9-15%) and attractive personal income tax rates (9-15%) give it an edge over other European countries. These tax benefits make Montenegro an appealing destination for businesses and individuals alike, allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned money.
Chart showing Montenegro Income Taxes compared with other countries
Montenegro Income Taxes Comparison Chart

2: Easy Montenegro Company Formation Process

Simple Steps to Register a Business in Montenegro:

The company registration process in Montenegro is streamlined for foreign entrepreneurs, with low minimum capital requirements (1 euro for LLCs) and accessible steps for small and medium-sized businesses. This makes starting a business in Montenegro a hassle-free experience.
With our start-to-finish Montenegro Company Formation and Residency Service, you can be fully up and running in Montenegro in 4 to 6 weeks!
Diagram showing the Company Registration Process in Montenegro
Straightforward Company Registration Process in Montenegro

3: Access to European Markets from Montenegro

Geographical Advantages for Business Expansion:

Montenegro's strategic location and proximity to EU markets, coupled with its potential future EU membership, offer ample trading and partnership opportunities. Businesses in Montenegro will benefit from these advantages, particularly as the country moves closer to EU integration.
A map of Europe with arrows from Montenegro to surrounding countries with text overlay - Access to European Markets from Montenegro
Access to European Markets from Montenegro

4: Low Cost of Living in Montenegro

Affordable Living and Business Expenses:

Living and operating a business in Montenegro is cost-effective when compared to other European countries. Lower expenses for both businesses and individuals mean greater profitability and a more comfortable lifestyle.
Chart showing living costs in Montenegro compared with other countries
Montenegro Cost of Living Comparison Chart

5: Beautiful Natural Landscapes of Montenegro

Montenegro's Stunning Scenery and Outdoor Lifestyle:

The country's diverse natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle are attractive features for those considering company registration in Montenegro. Montenegro offers a work-life balance that appeals to international talent and entrepreneurs.
Photo of a young couple standing in front of a mountain view in Montenegro
Montenegro's beautiful nature

6: Montenegro Residency Opportunities

Obtain Residency Through Company Formation:

Montenegrin residency offers numerous benefits for business owners, including legal advantages and an improved lifestyle. The residency application process is straightforward and attainable through company formation.
A picture of a real Temporary Residence Permit in Montenegro
Temporary Residence Permit in Montenegro

7: Growing Tourism Industry in Montenegro

Capitalize on Montenegro's Booming Tourism Sector:

Montenegro's increasing popularity as a tourist destination presents various business opportunities in the tourism industry. These opportunities allow for diversified revenue streams and sustainable growth potential.
Valuable Reading: [https://www.gov.me/en/article/incentives-for-investors-in-the-tourism-sector-in-montenegro]
Image of a sightseeing boat at Perast Montenegro with text overlay - The Growing Tourism Industry of Montenegro
The Growing Tourism Industry of Montenegro

8: High Quality of Life in Montenegro

Enjoy Montenegro's Healthcare, Education, and Infrastructure:

Montenegro's investment in public services and infrastructure, along with its safety and low crime rates, make it an attractive environment for employees and families. This contributes to long-term stability for businesses.
Image of the view from a seaside restaurant table with text overlay - Quality of Life in Montenegro
High Quality of Life in Montenegro

9: Skilled and Multilingual Workforce in Montenegro

Access to a Talented Labor Pool in Montenegro:

Montenegro's highly educated and multilingual workforce, including its high English proficiency, offers skilled employees for businesses and ease of communication and collaboration. With the high number of IT professionals such as web designers, developers and programmers, Montenegro is the perfect location to open an IT company.
Image of a desk with laptop and screens with text overlay - Skilled Workforce in Montenegro
Skilled Workforce in Montenegro

10: Montenegro Government Support and Incentives

Montenegro's Commitment to Attracting Foreign Businesses:

Investment incentives and support programs for businesses, along with government initiatives to promote business growth, offer financial and regulatory benefits for companies. Montenegro's commitment to supporting businesses ensures long-term success.
Valuable Reading: [https://mia.gov.me/investment-incentive-inventory/]
Image of the Montenegro flag with text overlay - Montenegro Government Support and Incentives for Foreign Business
Montenegro Government Support and Incentives for Foreign Business

Conclusions about Registering a Company in Montenegro

  • In conclusion, Montenegro offers a compelling combination of business and lifestyle benefits, making it a top choice for company formation in 2023. Don't miss the opportunity to explore Montenegro's business and lifestyle opportunities and take advantage of all it has to offer.
  • From its favorable tax environment and easy company formation process to its beautiful landscapes and high quality of life, Montenegro presents a unique and enticing destination for entrepreneurs, business owners, and remote workers alike. As you consider your options for expanding or starting a new venture, keep Montenegro at the top of your list. Now is the perfect time to take the plunge and register a company in Montenegro in 2023, reaping the rewards of this thriving and business-friendly country.
So, don't wait any longer – explore Montenegro's potential and book a consultation call today to learn more about the residency process and how it can benefit you and your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Montenegro Residency by Company Formation

What are the residency requirements for starting a business in Montenegro?

Foreign entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Montenegro need to obtain a temporary residence permit, which can be acquired through company registration. The process typically takes around 3-4 weeks to complete.

Can I register a company in Montenegro remotely?

Yes, you can register a company in Montenegro remotely with the help of a local legal representative who can handle the necessary paperwork and registration procedures on your behalf.

How long does it take to register a company in Montenegro?

The process of registering a company in Montenegro typically takes around 5-10 business days, depending on the complexity of the company structure and required documentation.

Do I need a local director for my Montenegrin company?

No, you do not need a local director for your Montenegrin company. Foreign entrepreneurs can serve as both the owner and director of the company.

What are the reporting requirements for a Montenegrin company?

Montenegrin companies are required to submit annual financial statements and tax returns to the Tax Administration. In addition, they must maintain proper accounting records and adhere to local accounting standards.

Are there any incentives for starting a business in Montenegro?

The Montenegrin government offers various incentives to attract foreign investment, such as tax breaks, reduced customs duties, and financial support programs for specific industries.

What industries are thriving in Montenegro?

Key industries in Montenegro include tourism, agriculture, energy, and information technology. The country is actively working to develop these sectors to encourage economic growth and diversification.

Can I obtain Montenegrin citizenship through my company registration?

No, registering a company in Montenegro does not automatically grant citizenship. However, after five years of continuous legal residence, foreign entrepreneurs may apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

Is Montenegro a safe place to live and do business?

Yes, Montenegro is considered a safe and stable country with low crime rates and a high quality of life, making it an attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

How is the digital infrastructure in Montenegro?

Montenegro has a well-developed digital infrastructure, with widespread internet access and increasing investments in modernizing its telecommunications networks. This makes it an attractive location for tech companies and remote entrepreneurs.
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