9 Best things to do in Danilovgrad, Montenegro

29 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Dubrovnik, Podgorica, and Herceg Novi. These are the most popular cities in Montenegro. Due to this fact, it is not surprising that a lot of tourists from outside the country go here yearly to get to explore these amazing places. However, there is more to discover in Montenegro. One city you should not miss here is Danilovgrad. This town lies between the two largest cities in Montenegro; Podgorica and Niksic. If you’ve never heard about this town, then we’ll introduce you to some of the things to do in Danilovgrad.

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Best things to do in (or from) Danilovgrad, Montenegro


1. Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is one of the most important monasteries in Montenegro, which is also evident from the crowds that make pilgrimages there. The journey on a narrow road is somehow challenging but tolerable. You can use the stairs through the forest up to the monastery or drive up by car. The view is absolutely stunning! Many believers even spend the night in the monastery and walk barefoot on the way there.

2. Orthodox Monastery Zhdrebaonik

This is an ordinary monastery but due to its location, it offers a wonderful view. If you want to visit the monastery without many visitors it is best to be there at 8 o'clock in the morning, otherwise, it will be crowded in the staircase of the monastery. You don’t need too much time to stay here, so it is recommended as a side trip when you’re in Danilovgrad.

3. Dani Divljeg Sipka Zagarac

This is an event where you can try authentic Montenegrin products for free, as well as to get acquainted with the natural beauty of Zagarac, Danilovgrad. As part of the event, a fair of domestic products and souvenirs, a revival bicycle race, an exhibition of old-timers are organized, and everything is accompanied by a rich cultural and entertainment program that is suitable for all ages. These events are organized in late October or early November, depending on weather conditions.

4. Farma Magaraca Martinici 

A very beautiful and well-groomed donkey farm. When you visit here, be sure to bring small local apples or carrots with you, as it is customary to feed the donkeys and they come out to greet you. There is also the possibility of buying lavender sachets, produced on-site as well as creams made from donkey milk. 

5. River Zeta Festival

You can also attend the River Zeta Festival in Danilovgrad. It is a 3-day festival that consists of fun and exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. Some of these include fishing, diving, wooden raft, and kayak races. You can also watch beauty contests and an organic food festival. Highly recommended!

6. Sculpture Garden

If you want to see a unique and detailed sculpture of carved white marbles that ranges from the classic to the space-age, then Sculpture Garden is the place for you. You will literally find dozens of these wonderful pieces here.

7. Imanje Knjaz

If you get tired and hungry from exploring Danilovgrad, then why not make a stop at Imanje Kinjaz? A restaurant that offers European cuisine. Aside from its location where it has a really nice ambiance, they also offer sumptuous and delicious food including meat and fish of excellent quality. Knjaz is not just a restaurant but it is a place for all occasions; family gatherings, business lunches, and escape from the city. 

8. Restoran Muštuluk

Another restaurant to explore in Daniovgrad is Restoran Mustuluk. This restaurant is loved by many; both local and foreign tourists. Both the owner and staff are friendly. Offering great service and amazing food, you can literally have huge portions of food for very little money. Everything is very fresh and tasty at an affordable price. Highly recommended restaurant!

9. The Living Room Lounge & Dining

A cozy and comfortable place with good food. This is the ideal place to stop by, meet with friends, or just simply have a casual drink. Not to mention that their snacks and food are also amazing. Although they only have a limited menu, there are no problems with the choice since all of them are excellent. Their menu ranges from Mediterranean and European to American cuisine.
This is the list of the 9 best things to do in Danilovgrad, Montenegro. Although the municipality is not too big, it is a good opportunity to explore it easier, even just a day! With the places you can visit, you’ll be able to gain experiences that other cities in the country cannot offer.

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