5 Best things to do in Rozaje, Montenegro

29 Mar 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Located high in the mountains of Montenegro is the town you will see before entering Kosovo, Rozaje is a small town in Montenegro. Although the town is small and the things you can do are limited, you will still be able to learn more about the country.

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Due to its location, it is the perfect stop before entering Kosovo. You can stay here overnight or just have a day tour if you wish to. When you go around, you’ll find several mosques with amazing Islamic atmospheres in their architecture. If you visited during the winter season, there is a ski resort near the town called “Turjak”, so you can try skiing. To know more about the things to do in Rozaje, Montenegro, check out our shortlist below.

List of best things to do in Rozaje, Montenegro

1. Ganica Kula

Just a two-minute walk from the north of the main square, Ganica Kula is one of those residential towers that are common in Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo. These towers serve not just as a defense against the invaders but also useful when it comes to protecting the menfolk when there’s blood-related conflict. Inside the tower, you’ll find a museum consisting of well-preserved costumes, artifacts, and crafts. 

2. Kurtagic Mosque

Around 3 minutes walk northeast of the town square, Kutagic Mosque’s wooden minaret is proof of its age. It was originally built in 1697 but was reconstructed in 1967. Its low doors that lead inside and its stone cladding on the facade is something everyone must see! The simple yet stunning architecture offers a great photo opportunity.

3. Sultan Murat II Mosque

Sultan Murat II Mosque is Rozaje’s main Mosque. It was originally built in 1450 but was renovated in 2008. The structure of the mosque includes multiple domes and two minarets. Its interior is completely covered by tiles in geometric patterns. Inside, you will also find an image of the Kaaba in Mecca located on top of the prayer niche. If you’re coming from Marsala Tita, just turn left and walk for about 200 meters.

4. Tajson Caffe

To have a chilling coffee day in Rozaje, go ahead and visit Tajson Caffe. It is considered as the best cafe-bars in town. Aside from its delicious drinks and snacks, you can also take your time to relax at its comfortable couches at the promenade on the main square.

5. Restoran Passenger

If you want more than just coffee and snacks, then head your way to Restoran Passenger. The food here is delicious, the atmosphere is calm, and the view is beautiful. Here, there is also plenty of parking and shady outdoor seating. If you want something that’s worth your money and can satisfy your hungry tummy, Restoran Passenger is the place to be!

And that’s it for the 5 best things to do in Rozaje, Montenegro. The town may be small and doesn’t offer much as the other bigger towns in the country, but it is a great way to see a different side of Montenegro that is truly fascinating.

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