10 Must see places to go hiking in Montenegro

Hiking is definitely the best way to get to know a new destination like Montenegro, especially if you have the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful nature. Montenegro offers you countless opportunities to get in touch with its purest creation. We recommend the 10 must see places to go hiking in Montenegro, and indeed, you can visit them in a relatively short time if necessary.

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1. Kotor – Špiljari (the Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor)

One of the most attractive paths of the cultural and historical core of Kotor is part of the old pedestrian road Kotor – Cetinje. For a long time, this important historical route has been the only road that connected the old Montenegrin capital, Cetinje, with the port of Kotor – the connection with the Mediterranean and the world. The suggested walking tour starts next to the northern entrance to the old town, and the trail mounts up between the Kotor ramparts and the Škurda river’s canyon. Exceptional natural values adorn this canyon. Pestingrad, a mountain peak that dominates the views of Kotor, rises above it. The trail climbs the slopes of Lovćen mountain almost vertically, in the form of stone serpentines, supported by stone walls, built in the middle of the 19th century instead of the old road. This is one of the most historical places for hiking in Montenegro.

During the whole walk, a beautiful view opens up to the Kotor ramparts and the whole bay. Finally, in the hinterland of the Kotor fortress are the remains of the Špiljari village, which is considered to be the oldest settlement in Kotor. It was abandoned during WW1. A return down is possible through the ramparts of the old town. 

Hiking in Montenegro - Kotor Špiljari

Hiking in Montenegro – Kotor Špiljari

2. Climb to the Mausoleum at the top of the Mountain Lovćen

At the top of Lovćen mountain is the mausoleum of the most important person in Montenegrin history, ruler and writer Petar II Petrović Njegoš. 

The starting point of this mountaineering trip is located in Erakovići, in the famous Montenegrin village of Njeguši. The trail starts near Njegoš’s birth house and, with a slight ascent, leads to the very top – Jezerski vrh. Good markings, a shade of the pine forest, mountain freshness, as well as the spring next to the road make this walk very pleasant. The altitude difference that you will overcome during this walk is 800 m, and the length of the trail is 5.6 km. About three hundred stairs at the very end of the walk lead to the mausoleum, a kind of architectural relic with an incredible view whilst hiking in the hills of Montenegro.


3. A walk through the canyon of the Mrtvica River

If you want to buy local products such as clothing, then you should head your way to Niti. At Niti, you can purchase local but high-quality clothing items. These clothes are made from sheep’s wool and are handmade. They usually have bright-colored traditional designs and they are also available in curtains and rugs. These wonderful handicrafts are made by the local women’s cooperative. This is for the sole purpose of preserving the traditional technique of knitting, weaving, and embroidery.

4. Hike the Biogradska Rainforest trail in northern Montenegro

This national park is located in the central part of the Bjelasica mountain massif. Biogradsko is the largest of several glacial lakes in this area. The trail around the lake leads through a rainforest whose trees are up to four hundred years old. This is one of the easiest trails on the list and extremely pleasant and good to visit at any time of the year.


5. Circle around the Black Lake in Durmitor, Montenegro 

Relaxing a one-day trip. The pine tree surround makes the lake green, and one of the peaks of the Durmitor, called The Bear (Međed), is reflected in it. Undemanding walk as far as physical fitness is concerned, therefore suitable for all generations. Clean air and scents of nature guarantee enjoyment in this place as well as long-lasting relaxation.


6. Climb up Prutaš in Durmitor, Montenegro

A striped mountain, in the true sense of the word, is one of the attractions of the Durmitor ring. Already at the foot of the mountain, the whole environment gives the impression of landing on the moon. Real delight awaits you at the top. Encounters with chamois and various birds are possible. Compared to the others on the list, this Montenegro hike is slightly more demanding.

7. Ornithological walk on the Ulcinj Salina

Ulcinj Salina represents one of the most important points for bird habitat in the Balkans. It is located in the southernmost part of Montenegro and covers an area of 15 square kilometers. The network of embankments extends over the entire surface of the Salina and allows access to all its parts. Fifty percent of the total European bird population is registered at Salina. Migratory birds have the perfect opportunity to rest here while resident birds form home for generations of their offspring.

The unusual natural environment is complemented by the infrastructure of the old salt factory. Spacious sea basins, the presence of rare plants and birds provide visitors with a unique experience. If you are accompanied by a licensed guide who will allow you to use adequate bird watching equipment, you will surely enjoy the unusual scenes.

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8. Explore the lake town Rijeka Crnojevića

The photo from most of the postcards sent from Montenegro is precisely a scene of a river meandering between green cone hills on its way to the lake. Pavlova strana is one of the must-see viewpoints in Montenegro. However, it is a pity to visit only this place and not take the time for pleasant walks and exploring this interesting town. Obod – Riječki grad is a significant historical place in Montenegro. It is located in a picturesque natural environment on a hill above the town of Rijeka, just two kilometers far from the center. Obod was the capital of the Crnojević dynasty at the end of the 15th century, and it housed one of the oldest printing machines in Europe. After this short walk, we suggest a visit to Obodska Cave. From the hydroelectric power plant, a forest path along the river will lead you to this huge cave after half an hour of walking. 

Hikes through the Prokletije mountain’s nature.

Prokletije is one of the largest mountain ranges in the Balkans, whose 50 peaks are more than 2000 meters above sea level. This national park is the least “touched by human hands” and attracts adventurers with its inaccessibility. At the foot of Prokletije is the town of Gusinje, from which you can quickly reach places that you will easily conclude are certainly among the most beautiful that you can hike to in Montenegro.


9. Hike through the Grebaje Valley in Montenegro

Seven kilometers southwest of Gusinje is the valley of Grebaja, which you can easily reach by a regular car. A hiking trail leads to and through the valley, surrounded by high mountain cliffs whose foothills are planted with dense deciduous forest, interesting for exploring. Physically fit visitors can climb to the tops of the rocks, following the marked trails. Particularly charming is the peak “cat’s kiss,” which is located at 2090m above sea level and whose silhouette is the coat of arms of the town of Gusinje. The valley itself looks impressive, so those who do not want extreme walks will enjoy it only by picking mountain herbs, observing the ring of rocks around them, or meditating with the sounds of the noble nature of this mountain.
The large stones that used to fall from the heights, and today rest in a green valley, are associated with a prehistoric sanctuary and give a sense of tranquility to anyone who finds themselves there. The ecosystem of this place is immensely rich. Wide-open eyes and a mental presence will provide you with an insight into the lives of countless species of insects, birds, and plants that are all around you.

10. Hike through the Ropojan Valley in northern Montenegro

If you take another street through small Gusinje and go south of the center, you will reach Ali Paša’s springs in just a few minutes. Water flows directly from the ground from different directions and forms a river. This is an unusual sight of the source of life and cannot be imagined just like that until it is seen. From there, the road continues to Vusanje, a village where an adventure similar to the one in Grebaje begins, only a bit more beautiful. About 15 minutes walk from Vusanje, there is “Oko Skakavice,” a deep whirlpool of turquoise color and a diameter of about 20 meters.

It is named after its winter appearance when its edges freeze, but the center remains blue, so from a bird’s eye view, it is reminiscent of an eye. Its appearance varies depending on the season. In the colder and wetter months, waterfalls and the flow of the river produce noise that makes regular conversations impossible. A further walk will take you to Lake Ropojan, whose existence and duration depends on the amount of snow that fell that year. 

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