Where to go skiing in Montenegro?

11 May 2021
Written By Jonathan Howe
When it comes to a place where any season is a good season to visit, that’s definitely Montenegro. Not only because it offers many affordable activities and tours compared with more popular European countries, but there are also a lot of great opportunities to explore the whole country.

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During summer, you can try swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. Other activities possible are hiking, canyoning, and trekking. Given that Montenegro is a mountainous country with plenty of beautiful beaches, it’s possible to do all those things. And in the winter season, hiking and swimming are replaced with skiing and snowboarding. If you visit this Balkan country during the winter season, no worries as there are ski resorts you can visit to enjoy the cold weather. The list below is consists of the best ski resorts you can go skiing in Montenegro

Recommended skiing Resort in Montenegro

1. Kolasin 1450

The most popular ski resort in Montenegro. If you’re a beginner and want to try skiing, Ski Resort Kolasin 1450 is the ideal destination as it is beginner-friendly. It is not too big but skiing is offered at an affordable price. Facilities include ski equipment rentals, ski depot for children and adults, ski-lift facilities, night skiing, ski schools by professional ski instructors, and much more. Furthermore, not only you can do skiing here, but there are also other activities possible such as rock climbing, rafting, snowmobiling, horse riding, excursions to the Tara canyon and Moraca rivers.

2. Kolasin 1600

Two kilometers past Kolasin 1450 a new ski center has opened a few years ago. Ski Center Kolasin 1600 is another ski resort in Kolasin that you can choose from. A nice place to visit both in summer and winter. There is a restaurant with panoramic views here. Not only you can do skiing here, but you can also try riding the lift. Via the lift, you come to a beautiful viewpoint, where you can also see the slopes of Kolasin 1450.

  1. Vucje

Ski center Vucje is located quite far from Niksic, where you need to go in a northeast direction. Here, there’s a snowboard park with ski jumps, two 120-meter tracks, and a new walking track that’s 1200 meters long. Its cable car is designed for 200 skiers per hour. Moreover, there’s also a hotel and restaurant in the area.

4. Savin Kuk

Situated within the territory National Park Durmitor, just 5km from Žabljak, Ski Resort Savin Kuk can be found. The ski resort is at an altitude of 2,000 meters and has two two-seater cable cars, three ski lifts, and a children’s ski lift. It also has a total of 5 km ski slopes and is designed for 3,000 skiers. You can go here by car or bus from Podgorica. Another Ski Resort you can visit in Zabljak is Javorovača which has 2 ski lifts, night skiing, baby lifts, ski service, and ski school. 

5. Hajla

Ski Center Hajla was reopened in 2017 after being closed for 13 years. Hajla itself is a stunning mountain in Montenegro. It is located just right on the border of Montenegro and Kosovo. Its highest peak measures 2403 meters. In Hajla, there are 2 ski schools namely "Rožaje Ski School" and "Turjak Ski School" with leading skiing instructors with international licenses. Furthermore, if you’re interested in learning how to snowboard, they also have a school with a 5-day training course.
Although the country of Montenegro is not that big, you can guarantee that days of stay here will let you see what it has to offer. A few years from now, it will not be surprising if Montenegro will be one of the most popular winter holiday destinations in Europe. Imagine how easy it will be enjoy skiing here if you decide to relocate to Montenegro as a temporary resident!
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