8 Best things to do in Lustica Bay, Montenegro

Tours and activities in Lustica Bay

Aside from Budva, Herceg Novi, Tivat, and Kotor, there is also a certain destination in Montenegro that you must see. The newest luxurious place in Montenegro is now open and it is Lustica Bay. You might not have heard about this place before but Lustica Bay will complete your Montenegro travel!

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Here, you can do various activities like hiking, mountain biking, swimming, or just discover the food. If you want to add a more memorable trip to your Montenegro experience, then you should head to this place. In this article, we listed down the 8 things to do in Lustica Bay that would make you want to go back and would definitely fulfil your Balkan trip or specifically in Montenegro.

List of best things to do in Lustica Bay

1. Ribarsko Selo

One of the first and best things to do in Lustica is eating at Ribarsko Selo. It is a beautifully located complex with a restaurant and a sunbathing and swimming area. They serve both Mediterranean and European cuisine, mainly seafood. The food is very tasty and a bit pricey but definitely worth it. It is advisable to book in advance.

2.Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a popular cruise stop. It is situated in the Lustica Peninsula. The grotto is an insanely beautiful place with the magnificent colors of the water. Enormous stones also add to the atmosphere. Dive and enjoy it! Take more photos from different angles. The grotto itself is not so big, but the place is very beautiful. It is highly recommended!

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3. Vino Santo

If you like seafood, then you should head your way to Vino Santo. Serving Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood, you might have the best meal in Lustica once you go here. With its great location which is by the sea, you can also have a romantic dinner. The view is just stunning. Just like everywhere else in Montenegro, the seafood here is not so cheap either. But they are very tasty and will have your mouth water.


4. Village of Rose

The village of Rose is located at the very tip of Lustica. Here, you’ll find beautiful stone houses overlooking Herceg Novi. During the peak season, which is summer, plenty of eateries are open for tourists. If you wish to stay in the village overnight, you can ask a local regarding private accommodation. 


5. Plavi Horizonti Beach

To relieve some stress and freshen up, it is recommended to go to Plavi Horizonti Beach. Since the water is calm, you can walk in the water quite far away, and that makes this beach also suitable for children. As you walk through the shore, you’ll find a big restaurant-cafeteria close to the beach during the season. If you follow a path to the left, you will arrive in a nice area with cliffs, with a nice view and open sea.

6. Uvala Veslo Beach

Compared to other beaches, Uvala Veslo Beach is rockier and rougher. However, its clear water makes the beach a nice place to swim at. If you enjoy extreme activities such as cliff jumping, then you’ll love staying here. Uvala Veslo Beach is also a secluded area so you’d have a lovely time staying with your friends or family.


7. Hiking

If you want a more productive trip in this area, then why not try hiking? Since Lustica Bay is surrounded by mountains and hills, hiking is one of the best things to do here. Carved with trails, hiking here is nothing but an adventure.

8. Mountain biking

Not fond of hiking? Go for Mountain Biking! Mountain Biking is also highly recommended. Witness stunning views while cycling in the mountains. Autumn is the ideal season for cycling as the weather is nice and cool. There are also biking tours available during this season. 
These 8 things to do in Lustica Bay are some of the best and should be added to your travel bucket list. It will provide not only a fun experience but also a memorable one. So if you’re planning of going here, remember to make the most out of it.

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