Where to eat in Kotor, Montenegro near the Cruise Port?

05 April 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Are you on a cruise? Is Kotor, Montenegro one of your stops? Would you like to each delicious food and enjoy their atmosphere? Well, here’s a list of 8 Amazing Restaurants where you could fill your stomach after sightseeing.
Stepping off your cruise ship and into the enchanting town of Kotor, Montenegro, you'll be eager to explore the local culinary scene as you take in the stunning surroundings. We've put together a guide to the best dining options near the Kotor Cruise Port, featuring a curated selection of exceptional restaurants and cafes that showcase the region's delicious cuisine and charming atmosphere. Whether you're seeking traditional Montenegrin dishes or international favorites, our guide will help you navigate the gastronomic landscape and make the most of your time ashore, guaranteeing a memorable dining experience in this picturesque coastal gem. Read our article on where to Eat in Kotor near the Cruise Port.

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Where to Eat in Kotor, Montenegro?

  1. Tangja Steakhouse and Grill, Kotor
  2. Restauran Galion, Kotor
  3. Ladovina Kitchen and Wine Bar, Kotor
  4. Konoba Scala Santa, Kotor
  5. Astoria Restaurant, Kotor
  6. Platanus Bar and Food, Dobrota, Kotor
  7. Konoba Portun, Dobrota, Kotor
Kotor is a coastal town of Montenegro and a common stop of European Cruise ships. With its old town and Boka Bay, it’s a gorgeous sight to be marveled at. After doing some fun things in Kotor, fill your belly with delicious food. We have come up with restaurants not too far from the port that you will surely like!

1. Tanjga Steakhouse and Grill, Kotor

Address: Suranj BB, Kotor

One of the best places to eat in Kotor is Tanjga. It’s a steakhouse that serves grilled quality meat. According to many customers, they serve delicious food; the mixed meat plate is massive and worth its price of EURO 10. You will never be disappointed as not only is everything yummy, but the ambiance, as well as the customer service, is impressive.  

2. Restauran Galion, Kotor

Address: Suranj BB, Kotor

Want to feed your stomach and your eyes? Well, Galion has one of the best views of the bay, especially if you are seated near the edge. It’s a fine dining restaurant that specializes in seafood and serves wine. It’s better to have a reservation for lunch or dinner beforehand so that you’ll have a seat. Diners love the risotto, sea bass, and octopus.

3. Ladovina Kitchen and Wine Bar, Kotor

Address: Njegoseva 209, Kotor

After touring within Kotor Old Town’s walls, you can walk for a few minutes and dine in this cozy restaurant. They serve Italian, French, and Seafood dishes. Gnocchi, Pizza, and Octopus are what most diners recommend. You will love not only the food but the fantastic setting and the friendly staff.

4. Konoba Scala Santa, Kotor

Address: Trg od Salate, Old Town 259, Kotor

Konoba Scala Santa is a seafood restaurant found within Old Town. Diners recommend the risotto, shrimps, and truffle gnocchi. It’s quite affordable and if you want and the atmosphere is enjoyable mostly if you eat outside. It’s one of the best places to eat in Kotor if you are from a cruise ship.

5. Astoria Restaurant, Kotor

Address: Old Town 322 Stari Grad, Kotor

Located in Boutique Hotel Astoria in Old Town is Astoria Restaurant. According to guests, their breakfast is excellent, but if you dock in late, they might also eat lunch or dinner. It’s a great place to eat in Kotor Old Town as the menu extensive and the food is delicious. Many also love their desserts.

6. Old Winery, Kotor

Address: Stary Grad, Kotor

Want to have a drink? Enjoy live music? Talk with locals? Then, Old Winery is the place to go. It’s located in the Old Town, so it’s not too far from the port. You could eat pasta or have cheese paired with wine (or the other way around). It’s a little gem in Kotor, where a lot of visitors fall in love with; you surely will!

7. Platanus Bar and Food, Dobrota, Kotor

Address: Put Bokeljskih Brigada, Kotor

Platanus Bar and Food was named after the Old Platanus Tree in the restaurant. It’s not yet popular with the tourists, but a lot of locals come here. They serve tasty food and has a wide selection of drinks at an affordable price. Plus, the view of the bay is just fantastic from here.

8. Konoba Portun, Dobrota, Kotor

Address: Dobrota 168, Donji Put, Dobrota, Kotor Municipality

Though a bit far from the Kotor Port, Konoba Portun is located in the next town, Dobrota. It’s located on the water’s edge giving you a wonderful view of Kotor Bay. Not only is the scenery breathtaking but their food as well. The seafood platter, risotto, and sea bass are what most visitors love. You won’t regret coming here for lunch or dinner; it will be a memorable experience.
Those are 8 Restaurants where you could enjoy a meal in Kotor when you dock from a cruise ship. As Kotor is a coastal town, you would surely enjoy fresh seafood cooked and served in different ways. Your stomach will surely be full and happy after eating here! Enjoy!

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