15 Best things to do in Budva, Montenegro

1 Apr 2021
Written By Jonathan Howe
If you’re planning to go to Montenegro, then you should not miss the amazing town of Budva. This town is located on the Adriatic Sea and is a part of the Budva Riviera. Do you like the beach and the nightlife? Budva is the destination you should go to! This town is popular for having wonderful beaches and vibrant nightlife. But of course, those are not the only things you can enjoy doing here. Below is the list of the things to do in Budva, Montenegro for a trip to remember!

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Best things to do in Budva, Montenegro


1. Altstadt (Old Town) Budva

The old town in Budva is a rather small space bounded by ancient walls, which you can easily get around everything in a couple of hours. Narrow cobbled streets, steep bends, an abundance of flowers, small shops on the first floors do not spoil the impression of the city at all. And in the evening, when soft lighting is turned on, the illusion appears like you are in a fairy tale. Such a magical place!

2. Statua Ballerina

On the way to Mogren Beach, you will pass the ballerina dancer. For some reason, the ballerina is the symbol of Budva and is located near Old Town. It is a great photo opportunity. However, it is a bit difficult to get to. So caution is always required so that you do not injure yourself or fall off the rock.

3. Citadel

The medieval castle of the city of Budva, dedicated to St. Mary, better known as Citadel, is located within the walls of the city of Budva. This building complex is architecturally completely autonomous and features one of the most significant fortification objects dating back to the Middle Ages on the coast of Montenegro. From here, you have an excellent overview of the old town of Budva.

4. Mogren Beach

Mogren is probably one of the best beaches in Budva. The water is azure, beautiful, and clean despite a lot of people. The beach itself is made of a mixture of sand and small pebbles. It is also surrounded by rocks, which looks very unusual. A nice place to relax with your family. However, it is a very crowded beach due to its proximity to the old town.

5. Budva City Walls

If you have already reached the old town of Budva, why not wander along the fortress walls, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of both Budva and the sea. The fortress walls around the old town are well preserved. A short section in the Citadel area is open to the public, so you can climb and look at the surroundings from the top.

6. Podmaine Monastery

Such a picturesque and very interesting small monastery in Budva. Not big at all, but cozy and colorful. The walk from the embankment will take no more than an hour. A walk here is highly recommended. 

7. Church of the Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Church is located next to St. John's Cathedral, it does not amaze with its size, but delights with its solidity, modesty, the severity of forms, and at the same time soulfulness. It blows from it some kind of attractive beauty and Byzantine style! 

8. Saint Ivan Church

This 17th-century Catholic cathedral, built in the 12th century and reconstructed after the earthquake in 1640, is located in the center of the Old Town of Budva and is visible from almost all points of Budva itself. The interior of the cathedral was once painted with frescoes, the remains of which have survived to this day in the lower parts of the walls. 

9. Royal Beach

A beautiful tranquil beach in a great surrounding. The beach itself is secluded and gives a calming feeling to anyone who visits it. The sea off the coast is clear, the coast attracts with its seclusion, which is largely due to the high entrance fees, and picturesque landscapes. The coastline is lined with olive trees and cypresses. You can get to the Royal Beach on foot from Milocer, St. Stephen. 

10. City Museum of Budva

Small but very informative museum. The museum gives an insight into the history of the city from the time of the Greek and Roman settlements. You can find many Greek and Roman household items. Since the museum itself is small, you won’t get tired of wandering around. And outside there are pleasant stone benches for relaxation. 

11. Krapina Village

A delightful place near Budva. It is a small typical Montenegrin village, with nice little restaurants at affordable prices. This is a good alternative to seaside holidays and you can also have an opportunity to swim under a mountain waterfall. The place is really charming and deserves the trip. Such a great rest in silence and coolness even on the hottest days!

12. Rustovo monastery

The monastery was founded here relatively recently, in 2003, but the church on the territory dates back to the 14th century. There are two miraculous icons in the monastery, they say that one of them helps those who are unable to give birth to a child. Before entering the territory, you need to ring the bell at the entrance, then one of the sisters will follow you, guide you and tell you about the monastery. It also has a refectory where pilgrims are treated, and a shop where you can buy not only candles but also natural cosmetics and handicrafts made in the monastery. 

13. Santa Maria in Punta Church

This tiny church in the Old Town dates back to the 9th century. It is the only surviving structure of a monastery that once existed here. It is located right in the fortress wall on the southwest side of Old Town, next to the Church of St. Sava. The church is built of bricks, and its roof is covered with old red tiles. Now the premises of the church are used for art, music, and other cultural events in the city. 

14. Ruins of Roman-era Necropolis

Coming out from behind the walls of the old Budva towards the ballerina statue, it is worth looking straight ahead towards the Avala hotel. Between the stairs and the building on the left, you can see the remains of walls and a kind of stone chapel placed on a square pedestal in the shape of stairs. These are the ruins of an ancient Roman cemetery integrated into the body of a modern hotel complex, probably the oldest architectural monument of Budva, dating back to the first period of Roman rule.

15. Stanjevici Monastery

A nice, homely, and well-groomed corner away from the hustle and bustle of the people. This small monastery is located on the coast of Becici. You can walk around the area and admire the views. It’s a must-visit for a relaxing afternoon. 
And that’s the 15 best things to do in Budva, Montenegro that will make you appreciate what this country has for foreign tourists. Does any of this place catch your attention? Or have you been to Budva? If yes, share with us your thoughts!

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