How to get married in Montenegro

29 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
An increasing number of travelers choose Montenegro as a place to spend their vacation. The combination of Mediterranean and mountain landscapes and the access to various environments in a short time and distance are just some of the reasons why Montenegro is at the top of the list of attractive destinations for a “destination wedding”. And not just for traveling anymore.

This small country has started to attract more and more couples who, in the romantic moments of their vacation, make a sudden decision: let's get married in Montenegro! Or is it a careful selection on the part of smart soon-to-be newlyweds who have already thoroughly researched all the possibilities and finally chose a slightly more exotic day to remember?

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One's wedding day remains in the memory of a lifetime, both for the guests and the spouses. The photos serve as a reminder for the joy, smiles, festive decoration and outfits, allowing unique moments to be brought back to our present mind. But behind this kind of celebration, there is a complex organizing process, especially if all of that happens abroad. Therefore, we have prepared some useful tips and details on how to get married in Montenegro.

1. Choose the perfect place.

If you have already made the decision to spend one of the most important days of your life in Montenegro, you must already have an idea of what the location would be. Whether it will be an exclusive hotel terrace above the sea, a sandy beach, or an eco-village in the mountain depends exclusively on your affinities. The beautiful nature of this country offers plenty of choices. Long-term development of tourism and infrastructure make this destination user friendly. Official marriages that happen in Montenegro are recognized everywhere in the world.

Compared to other European countries, Montenegro's great advantage is the absence of a visa regime for many nationalities.
All this makes it very affordable and easy to hold a wedding.

2. Find out about the required documentation

To make it easier for you to search and not to waste your time at the counters of different administrations, in the text below, we will provide you with the information you need to enter into a civil marriage in Montenegro. It is important to note that there are possible exceptions to the following information depending on the origin of the future spouses.  

Foreign citizens who want to get married in Montenegro need to contact the office of the city registrar of the municipality where they are planning a wedding to collect information on all necessary documents. 
Usually, the marriage is concluded in front of the competent local government body solemnly, in an official room conveniently arranged for that purpose. The amount of the local administrative fee for marriage on the official premises is from 20 up to 50 euros - depending on the municipality and the day when the wedding takes place.

Exceptionally, the registrar may allow the wedding to happen in another suitable place if the spouses request so and give sensible reasons for doing so. In that case, the administrative fee is from 100 to 150 euros, depending on the municipality. 

The agreement regarding the date and place of the wedding is done with the registrar/coordinator in advance. The request with the accompanying documentation must be submitted at least seven days before the scheduled wedding date. 

If the wedding involves a foreigner, a court-certified translator should be present on the application for marriage and the wedding day. All the documents should be also translated to Montenegrin language then get notarized so it will be accepted the respected Embassies when you report your marriage.

The following documentation is required to schedule a wedding:

  • application for marriage (at the local municipal office);
  • certificate of marital status for a foreign citizen (obtained in the place of birth of a foreign citizen in the original and certified translation);
  • excerpt from the birth register of the Montenegrin citizen who intends to marry, not older than three months (if one of the future spouses is a Montenegrin citizen);
  • certificate of citizenship for a Montenegrin citizen who intends to marry
  • birth certificate for a foreign citizen - original and certified translation;
  • photocopy of ID card and passport (original for inspection);
  • certificate of registered residence in Montenegro, for a foreign citizen
  • proof of payment of the administrative fees.
If one of the spouse-to-be has already been in a marriage that ended in the death of the spouse or divorce, the party is obliged to provide a death certificate or a final judgment on the divorce of the previous marriage.

In some Montenegrin municipalities, a foreign citizen has to submit all the above documents translated and certified by the Embassy, Consulate, or a certified court interpreter. For a marriage, it is necessary to make an application no later than seven days before the scheduled wedding, which must be attended by both future spouses.

Also, with the existence of certain documents, a church wedding can be organized in Orthodox and Catholic churches in Montenegro. It is necessary to make an appointment in the parish where you want to get married and to submit the baptismal certificate. This document is also a confirmation that you are not already married and is valid for six months.

3. Beware of illegal activities

Marriage for benefits is not approved by Montenegrin law. If it is concluded, intending to enter or stay in Montenegro by a foreigner, is considered illegal. The circumstances that indicate this type of intent are the non-existence of marital union, spouses who do not know each other or do not speak a language they both understand, and such other suspect elements.

4. Contact reliable wedding agencies

One more cost, but experienced agents will arrange everything for you. The most favorable periods for such events in Montenegro are spring and autumn. With the help of experts, you can provide the perfect wedding venue, decoration, photos, stylists for makeup, music, food, and accommodation for guests.
Organizing a wedding can be very stressful and exhausting. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort and certainly deserves to be celebrated in the best way. Montenegro offers a dream ambiance to upgrade love and the start a new era of your life. Although this whole idea about getting married in Montenegro may seem complicated at first, let's hope the previous tips will be useful to you.

Good luck!
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