Jobs and Salary in Montenegro – What is the average salary in Montenegro? What jobs are available in Montenegro?

How to find a job in Montenegro

As elsewhere, salaries in Montenegro vary according to the type of occupation and the number of working hours a person spends at work. A set of tasks defines a job in Montenegro – a list of activities that a person performs. In the previous period, the firmly rooted concept of work in Montenegro equated the domain with the professional title obtained after graduation. With the restructuring of the Montenegrin economy, many jobs are being closed under market laws, and new jobs are gradually emerging. People had to change careers, to get new education, and thus occupations.

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This article has been updated to reflect the increase in national minimum salary.

  • As of 2022, the legal minimum net salary in Montenegro is 450.00 Euros per month.

What is the minimum salary in Montenegro?

  • As of 2022, the legal minimum net salary in Montenegro is 450.00 Euros per month.

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However, one thing has not changed for a long time, and that is the average salary in Montenegro. The average wage after taxes and contributions (net pay) is around 520.00 EUR, with occasional minor variations. Depending on the salary’s size, the employer is obliged to pay a certain amount for taxes and social security contributions of her/his employees. So, the gross salary in Montenegro (including taxes and subsidies) is around 780.00 EUR. The salary range for a person working in Montenegro is usually from 450 EUR (minimum net salary) to 1 107.00 EUR (highest average, the actual maximum wage is higher). Salaries vary drastically in different job categories. If you are interested in wages for a specific job, see below about salaries for certain professions. Please note that the prominent salaries are the net amount on a monthly basis.

1. Administration Jobs in Montenegro

The administration category includes a wide range of occupations, which can be: referent, archivist, assistant, receptionist, office manager, secretary, procurement specialist, telephone operator.
The average salary for this type of work: 450.00 – 640.00 EUR


2. Car Industry in Montenegro

The car industry has always been a relatively stable and sustainable branch of the economy in Montenegro. This situation has changed due to the COVID19 crisis and this, unfortunately, applies to almost all professions globally. Here are the jobs that exist in this industry: auto electrician, auto tinman, auto mechanic, constructor, controller, varnish, process engineer, and technologist.

There are many private car mechanics and other shops in Montenegro and world-famous car brands’ general agents and services.

The indicative value of wages in the automoto industry in Montenegro is from 450.00 to 1,029.00 EUR.

3. Banking Jobs in Montenegro

Banks’ conditions in Montenegro are very favorable, so many business people are interested in investing in this area. The new regulations, the strengthened control function, and supervision of the competent regulatory institutions. The inflow of foreign capital and privatization has led to market differentiation and the desired competition. These are banking positions that you can apply for in Montenegro: bank office specialist, advisor, treasurer, branch director, financial analyst, mortgage advisor, internal revisor, loan officer, head of a department, counter clerk.

The monthly salary in banking in Montenegro is from 450.00 to 1,384.00 EUR.

4. Economics, finance, accounting in Montenegro

This is a broad field of business and can be applied in any branch of the economy of Montenegro. Please check the list of jobs you can do as an economist: data analyst, broker, invoicing, financial analyst, controller, advisor, accountant, statistician, tax advisor, bookkeeping clerk, payroll clerk, auditor.

If you are an economist in Montenegro, your salary would be from 450.00 up to 1,231.00 EUR depending on your job.

5. Electrical engineering in Montenegro

In the field of electrical engineering in Montenegro, monthly salaries range from 450.00 to 1 109.00 EUR. The jobs sought in this profession are electrician, electrical engineer, technician, power engineer, machine operator, process engineer, designer, serviceman, technologist.

6. Construction and real estate in Montenegro

The salary range for a person working in Montenegro in the Construction and Real Estate category is from 450.00 to 1 193.00 EUR.
The following professions are closely related to this type of business: real estate agent, architect, interior designer, surveyor, civil engineer, construction worker, technician, constructor, production manager, painter/plasterer, real estate appraiser, construction machine manager, plumber, welder, supervisor, and construction site manager.


7. Chemical industry in Montenegro

Since the Montenegrin market is small, four occupations were sought in the chemical industry: chemical engineer, chemist, laboratory technician, and technologist. The monthly salary is from 459.00 to 997.00 EUR. 

8. IT sector in Montenegro

In the IT industry, things are changing daily. Indeed, these professions have become very popular in the last decade, and these are occupations that have a perspective on the Montenegrin market: all kinds of programmers and developers, business intelligence specialist, IT project manager, IT architect, analyst, specialist, network administrator, consultant, scrum master, webmaster and designer, iOS developer.

It isn’t easy to determine the payment method and the amount that these people receive per month, but the average is from 450.00 up to 1,624.00 EUR.

9. Medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine in Montenegro

And the greatest injustice happens in the most crucial segment of society – in medicine. The monthly salary of health workers in Montenegro is from 450.00 to 903.00 EUR. Occupations sought in the health system are radiology assistant, pharmacist, anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor, surgeon, physiotherapist, dentist, nutritionist, optician, regulatory manager, medical advisor, psychotherapist, social worker, caregiver, community worker, veterinarian and veterinary technician, ambulance driver, medical assistant.


10. Marketing Jobs in Montenegro

The salary range for a person working in Montenegro in marketing, advertising, or PR is usually from 450.00 EUR (minimum wage) to 1, 175.00 EUR. Suppose you are experienced in one of the following industries. In that case, there may be a job for you in Montenegro: promoter, PR and digital marketing manager, graphic designer, social media specialist, copywriter, DTP operator.

11. Education, scientific and research work in Montenegro

Depending on the position, salaries in education in Montenegro range from 450.00 to 834.00 EUR. As far as school institutions are concerned, a person from abroad in Montenegro can have a permanent employment relationship in private schools: teacher, special educator, director, janitor, instructor, education coordinator, research worker, sports coach, psychologist.

12. Law Careers in Montenegro

In this area, it is assumed that you also know Montenegrin law. In any case, the most sought-after professions are lawyer, bailiff, notary, and so on. Monthly lawyers’ salaries range from approximately 450.00 to 1 300.00 EUR. 

13. Translation Jobs in Montenegro

As a translator in Montenegro, a person can earn 450.00 to 1069.00 EUR monthly. Most common professions: lector/proofreader, translator, interpreter

14. Tourism, gastronomy, catering in Montenegro

Tourism is the largest Montenegrin industry. Summer tourism predominates in the south of the country, while the north is concentrated on winter tourism. Salaries vary from 450.00 to 822.00 EUR. Please note that wages can be higher in the height of the season, and it all depends on the place where you work and the number of working hours. The most popular professions are animator, bartender, cashier, waiter, cocktail master, pizza chef, chef, croupier, fast food worker, sommelier, receptionist, lifeguard, maid, and many others.


15. Journalism and media jobs in Montenegro

A job with many challenges and requiring higher education has been unfairly underestimated in Montenegro. Salaries of people working in the media range from 450.00 to 887.00 EUR. 

Content provider, journalist, publisher, editor, reporter, printer, designer, production assistant, etc.

16. Art and culture in Montenegro

It is important to note that there are temporary engagement options during various cultural events and permanent ones in this domain. Artists are paid from 450.00 to 894.00 EUR, not counting the possibilities of part-time engagements – decorator, sound engineer, designer, photographer, choreographer, culture officer, archaeologist, make-up artist, cameraman, editor.

17. Trade business in Montenegro

A wide range of jobs is always offered in Montenegro – sales agent, salesman, cashier, sales manager, merchandiser, and account manager.

The salary range for a person working in Montenegro in the Trade category is usually from 450.00 EUR (minimum wage) to 989.00 EUR.

18. Service industry and crafts in Montenegro

Worldwide crafts are taking on a new form and often moving into the field of art. The quality of service is crucial, and the higher it is, the higher are the earnings. If you plan to do a craft in Montenegro, count on a monthly income in the amount of 450.00 to 800.00 EUR.


19. Transport and logistics in Montenegro

Montenegrin trade is mostly reduced to the import and resale of imported goods. Each segment of this process depends on companies’ and entrepreneurs’ services engaged in logistics, forwarding, and transportation. In Montenegro, This type of work is paid from 450.00 to 895.00 EUR per month.

20. The telecommunications industry in Montenegro

Mail delivery man, fitter, mobile network developer, telecommunications engineer, and technician receive salaries ranging from 450.00 up to 1 529.00 EUR per month.

21. Ecology Work in Montenegro

Environmental representatives of Montenegro are employed in state institutions (dealing with natural resources) and non-governmental organizations. The most prominent are ecologists, water engineers, various technicians, foresters, and biologists. Salaries in these jobs are from 450.00 to 960.00 EUR.

22. Senior Management Jobs in Montenegro

The highest-paid, but extremely responsible, are the people who work as a country manager, logistics director, sales or production director, executive director, etc. Their salaries range from 575.00 to 2,915.00 EUR.

23. Manufacturing Industry in Montenegro

Due to its size, this branch of the economy deserves special research. We emphasize that salaries in this area range from 450.00 to 1,250.00 EUR. By this topic, we speak about employees in the production of goods, processing raw materials, and quality control.

24. Agriculture and Food Industry in Montenegro

Between fruit pickers and agricultural engineers, there are many occupations related to food production for humans and animals. People engaged in this type of work are paid from 450.00 to 792.00 EUR.


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