25 Mar 2021
Written By Jonathan Howe

10 Best things to do in Petrovac, Montenegro

Petrovac is a small and rather narrow town on the coast of Montenegro in the Budva region. Petrovac is also known as Petrovac na Moru. It is located just within the municipality of Budva. And because it is boasting with beaches, diving, and kayaking are some of the best things to do here. But of course, not only that. Below is the list of the other things to do in Petrovac, Montenegro to give you a quick insight into this coastal town.

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List of best things to do in Petrovac, Montenegro


1. Petrovac Quay

A small cozy Petrovac. You can walk along the promenade with a bunch of cafes, restaurants, and small shops. there is also a beach with umbrellas and sun loungers. If you are considering vacationing on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, then Petrovac is the right place for you. There is a beautiful beach, a promenade in the pine forest to relax, enough options for food and drink. Compared to Budva, it is also not too hectic.

2. Lucice Beach

A small wonderful beach 800 meters from Petrovac. Lucice is a beach located in a quiet lagoon surrounded by pine trees. Here, sun loungers and umbrellas are available. There are also many cafes around it. At the end of the beach, there is a playground where kids can play to. It is such a nice place to land on the road between Bar and Budva.

3. Gradiste Monastery

On foot from Petrovac, past the beautiful beaches of Lucice and Buljarice, and a steep climb uphill, you will reachGradiste Monastery. Everything is preserved and restored with love. The whole territory of the monastery is well-groomed, and there are shady places for rest. There is also an observation deck from where wonderful views of the mountains and the sea can be admired.

4. Perazica Do

A quiet bay with a beautiful beach, 1.8 km walk from the bustling Petrovac, along a scenic pedestrian road, you will find Perazica Do. The sea itself is very beautiful with turquoise blue water. Furthermore, the beach is also not crowded which is a really good thing if you’re really planning to escape from a busy place.

5. Petrovac Beach

A small nice beach in Montenegro. Petrovac Bay is picturesquely situated in an amazing location. The pebble beach stretches from the small marina to a final rock and the water is clear. There are good restaurants around, and good entertainment in the form of Jetski, or day trips by boat, etc.

6. Church of the Prophet Elijah

Opposite the Voli supermarket is the Church of the Prophet Elijah. The interior is magnificent, with beautiful frescoes and paintings. This small church was struck by the fact that it is always open even in the evening. For this reason, this 14th-15th-century church is accessible to everyone all day long. 

7. Hiking Trail Petrovac-Rezevici

For a productive day, try hiking! The trail starts in Petrovac near the Danica hotel. From there, you will see a road leading up through a pine forest. Along the entire path, there are benches for rest and amazing views of the sea and coves. The tunnel goes into a large unfinished and beautiful beach, where you can swim and sunbathe.

8. Kasnoanticki Mozaik

The mosaic is literally a hidden gem in Petrovac. If you stand facing the church of St. Thomas, then the path to the right will lead you to the olive grove. Here, you will find a glass building erected to preserve the large and intact mosaic. The mosaic is laid out with various ornaments and is amazingly well preserved as if it was not laid out a hundred years ago. 

9. St. Thomas Church

Just walking along with the city, you will see this church. The Church of St. Thomas is located far from the embankment. The church itself is small and next to it is an old cemetery. The view is certainly beautiful, the architecture and structure of the building are stunning with its simplicity. The place is very calm and despite the fact that it is located next to residential buildings, is quite secluded. 

10. Annina Wellness & Spa

While you’re in Petrovac, pamper yourself and visit Annina Wellness & Spa. You can try a whole-body massage or even a Vitamins Oxygenating facial. Annina Wellness & Spa has two saunas, a hammam, halotherapy, an inside, and outside pool, a spacious solarium, and everything you need for a day of relaxation.
And those are the 10 best things to do in Petrovac, Montenegro. Have you heard of any of these places? Are you considering going to Montenegro? If yes, then don’t miss Petrovac. With all the places to visit and things to do here, you can have exciting yet relaxing days of stay.

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