Lustica Peninsula travel guide: Best beaches on Luštica Peninsula, Montenegro

13 Apr 2021
Written By Jonathan Howe
Luštica is probably one of the most beautiful parts of the Montenegrin coast. Situated on the northern part of the latter, it is a peninsula extending in such a way that it acts as a natural barrier between the open Adriatic sea and the Tivat-Kotor bay complex. The warm Mediterranean climate gifted it with a luxuriant vegetation of pomegranate and fig trees and its mostly rocky shores host dozens of beaches and coves, some of these only accessible by taxi boat.

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All of this just a few kilometers away from Herceg Novi, Kotor, and Tivat, whose airport is just near. It is the opinion of many that the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro can be found on Luštica. But where to start? Here is a small guide to the best beaches on Luštica to help you decide.

1. Plavi Horizonti

Plavi Horizonti may be the most popular beach on Luštica. Located at the entrance of the peninsula, it can be reached quickly and easily by car. It has one big advantage: it is the largest sandy beach in Luštica! You may not be familiar with the Montenegrin language yet, though we are pretty sure you get what horizont means. But Plavi? Well, it means « blue ».« Blue horizons ». Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

The beach was popular among locals even before the advent of international tourism in the region. It is renowned for its fine, light-colored sand and its turquoise water which extends infinitely towards the... well, horizon, a better name for that place couldn't be found, indeed. Another advantage is that the sea there doesn't get too deep too soon, which makes it the right place for families with children. Those who do not feel like taking a dip can have a walk on the dedicated pedestrian path leading to a monument to fallen partisans during WWII, or just sit and enjoy summer bliss on the terrace of the café-restaurant which can be found right behind the beach.

2. Rose

You need to drive a bit further and longer to get to Rose, you can alternatively catch a taxi boat from Herceg Novi or Tivat, but it is really worth going there anyhow. Rose is one of the villages at the tip of Luštica's peninsula. Today a quiet fishermen's village, it used to have strategic importance in the past: you can find several late 19th century fortresses in the area. One of these, fort Rose, has been converted to a hotel and restaurant complex.

Even more famous is the abandoned Yugoslav submarine base and its long tunnel which is a few hundred meters away from Rose itself. It is a popular spot for youngsters who sit on the concrete slabs in front of the tunnel for a barbecue after taking a dip. Only the bravest dare swimming in the tunnel, but it has become a trend, and even a tourist attraction in Croatia, so why not in Montenegro?

For those less keen on history, Rose has other advantages: stunning views of Herceg Novi and the mountains above it, beautiful old houses, and many small beaches. In order to reach the largest one, you need to walk through the village and take a right. You will reach the beach a few minutes after crossing fort Rose. Lay your towel, enjoy.

3. Mirišta & Žanjice

Mirišta is also situated on the tip of Luštica, but there is a big difference with Rose: instead of facing the bay, the village is facing the open sea. It may not be easy to squeeze your car into the tiny parking spots during the summer, we hence advise you not to park right close to the main beach, which is beautiful but tiny as well. In Mirišta you will find a small sandy patch as well as quays on which you can lay down. A café-restaurant is right next to the beach and the waiters won't mind bringing your drinks directly on the beach. If you walk down the coast a little bit further you will find other beaches and swimming spots. This is a great place for snorkeling too.

A few hundred meters away from Mirišta, you will find Otočić Gospa, a microscopic island on which a church was built. It may be nice to « visit » if you are into stand-up paddle or sea kayaking. The best swimmers can, of course, reach it easily. From cape Arza, where you will find a beautiful fortress, you will be able to get a view of the Prevlaka peninsula, at the border between Montenegro and Croatia. At mid-distance between Cape Arza and Prevlaka, you will see the small island of Mamula. Mamula has a tormented history that we prefer to keep aside for another article.

As attractive as it may seem, do not try to swim to the island! It is actually much further than it looks like and there are strong currents in the channel. Sightseeing of Mamula (visits are now forbidden since the site has been privatized) is generally included in boat tours of the area. To be found in the same area as Mirišta is Žanjice, another heavenly beach, which is much larger, and from which you can enjoy the same view while laying on the available sunbeds, cocktail in hand.

4. Nikki Beach

Facing north-east, towards Tivat's bay, with a breathtaking view of Mount Lovćen, the most beloved mountain in Montenegro and the heart of this small nation, Nikki Beach aims at visitors who are both able to enjoy and afford the luxury of the place. Nikki Beach was envisioned as an oasis dedicated to leisure, subtly isolated from the outside world. Turquoise water and palm trees, yacht berths, sushi restaurant, and hotel suites complete with sauna for the most luxurious ones. Indulge in the celebration of life this place invites you to. Ten minutes away from Tivat international airport.

With a shoreline longer than 40 kilometers, it would be almost impossible to list all the beaches and coves you can find on Luštica. So here is our final advice: explore! Even in the midst of summer, at the peak of the tourist season, Luštica has many quiet, secret places waiting only for you to discover them. Among these, your own little corner of paradise awaits. In the meantime, we hope that this guide to the best beaches of Luštica will be a good Kickstarter for your adventure.
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