6 Best things to do in Kolašin, Montenegro during winter

11 Mar 2021
Written By Jonathan Howe
Located in northern Montenegro, Kolašin is the favorite destination of skiers all over the country and even from places outside Montenegro. This small mountain town may not be so popular for visitors, however, if you give yourself a chance to go and explore this town, you will discover that there are actually quite a lot of things to do in Kolašin. Whether it be summer or winter, Kolašin has something for you.

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In this article, we’ll focus mainly on the best things to do in Kolasin during winter. Since it is the home of the famous Ski Center Kolasin 1450 and 1600, you can expect that there will plenty of local and foreign skiers in the area when you visit. The whole area that surrounds the town is just gorgeous that you’d instantly feel you’re closer to nature. To know what we’re talking about, check out our shortlist below. 

List of best things to do in Kolasin, Montenegro during Winter

1. Skiing

Kolasin is the perfect destination if you want to go skiing in Montenegro. The reason is that the most popular ski resort in the country is located here (Ski Center Kolasin 1450). So if you’re looking for some winter activity, Kolasinis the place to be.

2. Snowboarding

Aside from Skiing, snowboarding is one of the best things to do in Kolasin as well. This is also possible to do in Ski Center Kolasin 1450 or Ski Center Kolasin 1600. 
The best months to go skiing and snowboarding in Kolasin is from mid-December until mid-March.

3. Ski Center Kolasin 1450

The most popular ski resort in Montenegro. If you’re a beginner and want to try skiing, Ski Center Kolasin is the ideal destination as it is beginner-friendly. It is not too big but skiing is offered at an affordable price. During the winter season, you’ll find a lot of skiers here from Montenegro and Albania.

4. Ski Center Kolasin 1600

Two kilometers past Kolasin 1450 a new ski center has opened a few years ago. Ski Center Kolasin 1600 is another ski resort in Kolasin that you can choose from. A nice place to visit both in summer and winter. There is a restaurant with panoramic views here. Not only you can do skiing here, but you can also try riding the lift. Via the lift, you come to a beautiful viewpoint, where you can also see the slopes of Kolasin 1450.

5. Upper Town Square

Kolasin has two main squares: the upper town and the lower town squares. If you wander around the upper town, you will encounter Konoba; it’s a traditional restaurant in the area that has local specialties such as “Kačamak” or maize porridge, cheese, ham, and bread. The upper town is also an old Turkish Town so you will feel the Turkish vibe when you go around here.

6. Lower Town Square / Kolasin Cultural Center

The Kolasin cultural center is located on the main square of the city where the fountain is. Inside, you can get information about the city, surroundings, and attractions, as well as access to the Internet. The center participates in the organization of various cultural events aimed at both the townspeople and tourists.
And these are the possible things to do in Kolasin during the winter season. And since the town is popular as a winter destination, skiing or snowboarding would be the best to do. Have you tried skiing in Kolasin? Or are you considering going one day? If yes, share with us your thoughts!
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