Where to go camping in Montenegro?

29 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Whether you've already been here or just heard of the country, you may already know that Montenegro has many different landscapes to offer: from sandy beaches to alpine pastures, from rocky coasts to mountain peaks, from the Adriatic sea to blue mountain lakes. Camping is a popular activity for both locals and travelers in Montenegro. But where to go camping in Montenegro?
If you plan a camping trip in this country, we first advise you to familiarize yourself with the geography of the region. Schematically, Montenegro is divided into two regions: the highlands and their stunning mountains in the north, and the beach coastal areas of the south.

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Do you have a van or a motor home for camping in Montenegro?

A van allows you the possibility to be both mobile and cozy during your holiday in Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country, you can enjoy most parts of it in just a few days, even though you probably want to spend a little bit more time over here.

Most of the main roads and infrastructure are in a decent state, even though the secondary roads can sometimes be quite steep and/or damaged, it is not recommended to take them with your van, especially if you're not an experienced driver. Be especially wary of mountain roads and river crossings.

Montenegro is an extremely popular destination for van owners and most camps have offers for vans and motor homes. You will find a whole range of prices, most of them including fees for waste disposal, electricity, and water.

In terms of paperwork, nothing specific will be required for you to explore Montenegro with your vehicle, as long as you have an insurance green card (provided by most insurance companies on the European continent). If you feel like straying away from organized camps, we advise you to check the park4night application where lots of users have already added spots and useful information. Keep aware that some parking spots are forbidden for van or motor-home stays, these will be signaled by road signs.

Are you camping Montenegro in a tent?

Montenegro's warm climate and impressive landscapes make it a very attractive destination for campers. It is the opinion of many that there is no better way to discover a country and to connect to its land than to pack up your tent and hiking shoes and find a nice camping spot for a few wonderful nights.
Let's be careful though, Montenegro's weather can be quite rough at times: the scorching heat of the summer on the coastal and central regions and the heavy winter snowfall in the North can be hazardous.

The best times of the year for camping in Montenegro would be late spring or early autumn when the heat is moderate and the cold winter temperatures have not settled in the mountains yet. We nevertheless advise you to check the weather forecast in advance and to stay safe in the lowlands if a thunderstorm is on the way.

Always keep someone aware of your whereabouts and enough power in your phone in order to contact emergency services. Be also careful with water management on hot days. Don't be scared though!

Camping in Montenegro is a wonderful life experience, especially for younger people looking for adventure a few hours away from the big European capitals. It is better to come with your own camping gear than to buy it on the spot: there are no shops specialized in camping gear, and the generic sports shops have relatively poor offers in terms of tents and sleeping bags. A warmer sleeping bag may be necessary if you plan to camp in the highlands (temperatures at night may go below zero celsius even during summer).

If you have a camping stove running on gas, be aware that it is difficult to find screw-in camping gas cylinders in Montenegro, most of them sold here being priceable models. You can find these, as well as stoves using those, in many supermarkets (locals are using them to make Turkish coffee). You should be extremely careful with fire in any case: much like the rest of southern Europe, Montenegro is subject to wildfires which can be disastrous.

Wild camping is not illegal, yet it is discouraged for the previous reason, as well as littering. Land ownership is also something that locals have at heart, we then recommend to ask any locals in the area the permission to camp for the night in case you wish so. Price for a camping spot in campsites are very affordable, ranging from a few euros to 10-15 euros per night in the fanciest places. More expensive places often come with better trained (and English-speaking!) staff, which may be helpful to plan your hikes and the rest of your trip.

Have you considered glamping in Montenegro?

Glamping, short for 'glamourous camping' is especially recommended to couples and families who want to experience the happiness of sleeping in a tent without hassle, all of this in a romantic and cozy, comfortable space. Offers for glamping have developed in Montenegro during the last few years.
You are a seasoned camper looking forward to a holiday that will both quench your thirst for wilderness, and accommodate the rest of the family? Give it a try! This is not your ordinary tent, they can be quite huge as well, and furnished with a proper bed in any case. Glamping offers often come as a package that may include food and drinks. 

Where to go camping in Montenegro: 

The coast:

1. Full Monte Camp, Sutorina, Herceg Novi

Managed by free-spirited Britsh couple Denise and Steve, Full Monte camp can be found just at the border between Montenegro and Croatia. It is green, entirely off-grid, powered by solar energy, and its beautiful garden is a haven of peace and privacy. Camp Full Monte is a “clothing optional” campsite, so just be aware that there may be some naked people around. Who knows, maybe you’ll just join them.
The camp, located in Donji Stoliv, has a beautiful view of Kotor's bay and is both suitable for tents and motor homes.

3. Autocamp Naluka, Morinj, Kotor

Found on the north-west corner of Boka Kotorska, the camp provides a breathtaking view of the towns of Risan and Perast.

4. Pachamama Farmstay & Camp, Kotor

This is an eco farmstay & camp in Montenegro in the magnificent Kotor Bay Area. Permaculture, Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Conscious Dance Workshop & Music..

5. Bartula, My Olive Garden Camp, Stari Bar, Bar

Surrounded by olive trees -a symbol of the region of Bar- the camp is relatively close to the sea.

Central Region, Skadar Lake:

6. Ok Koral Outdoor Club, Skadar Lake, Municipality of Bar

A few kilometers away from the heart of Skadar Lake's national park, OK Koral provides vans and motor homes with shady parking spots and electricity, as well as a tidy garden for campers staying in tents. Glamping is possible there, and the restaurant serves fresh food produced on the spot.

7. Hoopoe Glamping

A nature lover's project. Hoopoe camp -named after the beautiful bird which can be seen in the area- is specialized in Glamping. It is then not possible to set your own tent or bring your van there but the owners will be happy to provide you with useful advice and contacts if you are looking for guided tours and activities on Skadar lake.

8. Camp Frutak, Danilovgrad

Danilovgrad is not especially attractive to tourists, yet, the beautiful valley that surrounds it, and the fresh water of the river Zeta will be a delight on hot summer days. A few kilometers away from Ostrog monastery.

The North, Highlands:

9. Piva Lake Glamping, Pluzine

On the coast of Piva lake, surrounded by an oak forest, reachable only by foot or boat, Piva Lake Glamping is one of its kind. Dedicated entirely to glamping, the food is included in the offer and the tents are beautifully decorated and cozy.

10. Camp Grab, Grab, Pluzine

The kayaking and rafting Mecca in Montenegro. Camp Grab is at the border between Montenegro and Bosnia, on the shore of the wild Tara river.

11. Zvjezdana Dolina, Andrijevica

Mass tourism isn't even close to reaching Andrijevica's municipality. Yet, the mountainous region and its breathtaking views, between Komovi and Prokletije mountains, is worth exploring. Zvijezadana Dolina provides accommodation, camping spots as well as parking spots for vans and motor homes. Jasna's tasty food, served under the stary sky, will remain in your heart forever.
These suggestions are, of course, not exhaustive, Montenegro has a myriad of camps, most of them family-run, which don't even appear on the map! For the moment, focus on packing your bag and getting ready for your big adventure in this beautiful country. When it comes to the question: "where to go camping in Montenegro?", we hope that this article will help you make up your mind.

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