Discover the Best Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro: Your Ultimate Guide

Discovering job opportunities in Montenegro can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but knowing where to look is essential for success. Our comprehensive guide to finding jobs in Montenegro highlights the top websites and resources available for job seekers, ensuring you have access to the most promising and relevant positions. Whether you’re a local or an expat considering a move to this charming Balkan nation, let us help you navigate the Montenegrin job market with confidence and ease.

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Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Although it doesn’t sound logical, unemployment in Montenegro is relatively high. A large number of young people are leaving the country in search of a better future. The average salary and the cost of basic living are not in the closest ratio.

However, many freelancers live in Montenegro or have based their business in another country, enjoying the cheap living coasts in MNE. What about the people who want to find a job in Montenegro? What are the chances that a foreigner will be employed, and his knowledge of the Montenegrin language mandatory?

Please have a look at the list of business platforms and other ways to achieve employment in Montenegro.

1. Platform

Almost all large companies looking for workers advertise on this website. All you have to do is to type in the location that suits you best, and you will get a list of vacancies that are empty in that region. The advantage of this employment platform is that the ads are sometimes written in English. In the “Employers” section, you will find a list of regularly advertised companies. Why not send a resume and cover letter if you think you are someone who would contribute to the company’s development?

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro –

2. web page

The concept of this platform is very similar to the previous one. By regularly checking, you will find that different companies advertise on them. The shortcoming is obvious – everything is presented in the Montenegrin language. Here’s another stimulus to start learning a language as soon as possible.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro –

3. WoM – Word of mouth – Montenegro Expats & Visitors Club (a Facebook group)

And this is perhaps the best suggestion of all. Look for this fantastic group on Facebook! It is a virtual stage for searching for a job, advertising your business, posting job offers, selling things, renting, swapping, or giving away. Given that it is dedicated to ex-pats in Montenegro, this group operates exclusively in English. To avoid confusion and burden on the group, the admins organized sub-topics, and this one is solely dedicated to business.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro – Word of Mouth Montenegro

4. Instagram and Linkedin

After some time spent in Montenegro, you will notice more and more local sponsored posts. Please pay attention to them because this has become a common way of advertising all modern companies. Over 1000 employment decision-makers in Montenegro are available for direct contact on Linkedin.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro – Instagram and LinkedIn

5. Seasonal work in Montenegro

Demand for labor grows in the spring, more precisely during the preparations for the summer tourist season. There are a large number of hotel complexes of various categories in Montenegro. According to your skills, you can choose some of them and send your CV to the management directly or through open calls on the hotel website. At the end of winter, most of them organize open days when all interested candidates can introduce themselves in person and get to know the employer and the possibilities.

6. Websites of embassies in Montenegro

It is possible to get a perfect job by regular inspection of websites of embassies in Montenegro. Please find a list of all embassies on our blog and go in search.

7. The Employment Service of Montenegro (Zavod za zapošljavanje/Biro rada)

The central public institution for this country’s labor market. The main goal of the “Biro” is to help unemployed people get involved in the world of work as soon as possible and, at the same time, to offer employers the right people for the challenges they face in doing business. To apply to the bureau, you need to have a residence permit. On the official website of ZZZCG, you can find information about current job offers and conditions for applying in the section “Vacancies” – Slobodna radna mjesta.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro – The Employment Service of Montenegro

8. – job and career in Montenegro

Careerjet is a job search engine designed to make it easier for the user to find a job online. It maps a large selection of offers available on the Internet into one extensive database with reference lists from employment sites and employment agencies. Using a quick and easy interface, you can search this database instead of visiting each site individually. Careerjet does not host the job offers but redirects the customers to the original employer’s address.  

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro – Career Jet Montenegro

9. – business search engine

A straightforward search platform that works similarly as previously proposed – Careerjet. All invitations are written in Montenegrin.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro – Jooble

10. Mali Oglasi Crna Gora

Concise ads. If you want to know more details about the offer, dial the highlighted phone number and talk directly to the employer. Knowledge of the Montenegrin language is necessary.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro – Mali Oglasi Montenegro

11. Non-governmental sector

During the transition period, a significant number of NGOs emerged in Montenegro. You can find them in ecology, science, economics, law, art, etc. We suggest you explore this field and find out what topics they deal with. They may need someone of your profession or language speaking skills. 

12. Direct contact

You have probably already heard that immediacy is one of the main characteristics of Montenegrins. Be open and ask anything you are interested in. You will be surprised by the feedback. Maybe you, too, will be in a position to help someone someday.

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

Top Websites to Find Jobs in Montenegro

In conclusion, finding your ideal job in Montenegro is a matter of knowing where to look and utilizing the right resources. Our comprehensive guide to the top websites for job seekers in Montenegro is designed to simplify your search and connect you with the most relevant opportunities. Whether you’re a local or an expat seeking new experiences, these platforms can help you navigate Montenegro‘s dynamic job market and secure a fulfilling position. Embrace the exciting opportunities that await you in this beautiful country and take the first step towards building a successful career in Montenegro.

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