Montenegro for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

Why is Montenegro a perfect destination for travelling and remote work?

Embracing the era of digital nomadism, where borders blur and workspaces are wherever Wi-Fi accessibility exists, we find our wanderlust leading us to unexplored horizons. Amongst these fascinating destinations shines a tantalizing gem by the Adriatic coast – Montenegro. A delightful blend of pristine beaches, rugged mountains, and charming old towns, making it an absolute haven for digital nomads and remote workers who crave balance between work and the zest for adventure. This article explores how Montenegro welcomes those living in bytes and WiFi signals into its alluring landscapes.

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Can I Work Remotely in Montenegro?

To answer your question simply: Yes, you can! With today’s technological advances integrated seamlessly with Montenegro’s infrastructural development, working remotely from this stunning country isn’t just a possibility but has rapidly become a growing trend among global citizens.

Other than having a rich cultural heritage that instigates curiosity, what makes this Balkan beauty stand out is its high-speed internet connectivity. As per research data shared on ‘SpeedTest Global Index’, their connectivity stands competitive on a worldwide scale; this fuels efficiency – a vital aspect enabling you to sprout as a successful digital nomad or remote worker.

The next important deciding factor while choosing your new remote-working destination lies in its cost-effectiveness. And let me assure you; I’m spilling no secrets when I talk about Europe being notoriously expensive compared to Southeast-Asian countries or Latin America. However, when it comes to Montenegro getting much-deserved applause in terms of affordability within European regions, it’s total reality! Researchers at Numbeo highlight that costs here align significantly lower compared to other hotspots like Spain or France, making your digital journey less stressful monetarily.

Moreover,Montenegrins have embraced English proficiency so beautifully that language barriers would be the least of worries in your voyage into their world.

Reflecting upon these aspects, it becomes evident why Montenegro ticks all boxes for digital nomads and remote workers. From technology to cost-effectiveness to language adoptability, this corner of the earth allows you to enjoy work life, while immersing yourself in a unique culture and breathtaking nature.

Does Montenegro have a digital nomad visa?

Yes, indeed, Montenegro has made the move to embrace digital nomads and remote workers by setting up a specific visa category. Offering this visa is quite the reflection of Montenegro’s innovative approach toward a forward-leaning global economy. They recognize that more people than ever before are taking their work on the road, and they’re ready to welcome them.

The Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa as it’s commonly referred to, provides a clear framework for foreign nationals who want to live and work remotely in the country. Taking into account not just conventional employment but also independent professionals or “digital nomads”, it embraces those who wish to blend their lifestyle with their livelihood in new and exciting ways.

In essence: if you’re drawn by the allure of working against a backdrop of rugged mountains and pristine beaches, rest assured knowing that injecting Montenegro into your travel plans could be easier than you think! With its dedicated visa program, Montenegro is going all out in proving itself as an ideal hub “for digital nomads and remote workers”.

Where is the Best Place for Digital Nomads in Montenegro?

Pinpointing the best place for digital nomads in Montenegro isn’t a clear-cut task, as the answer largely depends on personal preferences. However, there are several places that effortlessly fit into the top choices when considering factors like internet connectivity, cost of living, and quality of life.


Podgorica: Known to be tech-centered, Podgorica is Montenegro’s capital city. It boasts an active nightlife which makes it ideal for millennials and professionals alike who desire a balance between work and play. Internet connection is reliable and high-speed while the cost of living remains low compared to other European capitals.


Kotor: For those seeking tranquility along with medieval charm, Kotor presents itself as an exciting option. Nestled at the base of Mt. Lovcen and adjacent to a calm bay, Kotor serves breathtaking views coupled with serene environments conducive for focusing on work.


Budva: If you’re up for beachside ambrosial experiences, Budva is where you should head. This coastal city offers not just golden sands but also incredibly warm locals and lively communities of expats and other digital nomads thriving in shared co-working environments.


Tivat: Tivat is a top choice for digital nomads and remote workers due to its high-speed internet, modern coworking spaces, and convenient international airport. Situated on the Adriatic coast, the town offers an ideal balance of work amenities and natural beauty, making it an efficient yet enjoyable base for remote work.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi: Herceg Novi offers digital nomads and remote workers a mix of reliable internet, various coworking options, and a scenic setting on the Bay of Kotor. Its vibrant culture and historic sites provide plenty of off-hours enrichment, making it a well-rounded choice for work-life balance.

Reflecting upon these varied options catering to different lifestyle preferences, one can deduce why Montenegro appeals to remote workers globally. Whether you favor urban hustle or seaside serenity or love being nestled amidst historical structures – Montenegro curates it all graciously.

In addition to these venues attracting large numbers of remote workers and making ‘Montenegro for digital nomads‘ increasingly popular phrase online, there are countless other towns providing numerous coworking spaces which additionally solidify Montenegro’s position as a hotspot destination for remote working.

Remember! Each city has its unique vibe suitable for various personality types; it comes down purely to what resonates with your work ethic and lifestyle choice that makes it ‘the best place’. Choose wisely and you’re bound to shine in Montenegro.

The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Montenegro

As your friendly guide, let me take you through the untouched beauty that Montenegro offers for digital nomads and remote workers. With an exotic mix of warm Mediterranean climate coupled with affordable living and a relaxed pace of life, this region paints a picture perfect enough to entice any avid traveler or telecommuter.

Commuting and Traveling in Montenegro

Navigating around the country is surprisingly easy. You’ll find Montenegro car rentals affordable if you prefer driving yourself around. However, trains and buses present a cheaper option, creating ample opportunities to admire the scenic landscapes that stretch across this revivifying nation.

Internet Connectivity in Montenegro

For any modern digital nomad, connectivity forms the life-blood to work effectively. In Montenegro internet services are reliable and extensive. Moreover, mobile data packs come at moderate prices offering good speeds making it effortless for one to stay connected no matter where they roam within its boundaries.

Best Time To Visit Montenegro

Montenegro enjoys a moderate climate throughout most of the year; nonetheless spring (April-June) and autumn (September-November) pose as ideal seasons for ‘workationing’ here due to pleasant temperatures & mesmerising colour palettes nature displays during these periods.

CoLiving Spaces in Montenegro

To cater towards increasing demand from global nomads such as yourselves seeking Montenegro for digital nomads and remote workers experience: various coliving spaces have begun springing up around popular cities like Podgorica and Budva—These not only offer high speed wifi but also include comfortable co living arrangements fostering communities embraced by mutual purpose.

Social Life and Activities

When work winds down there’s ample for you to unwind! From tranquil hikes through wilderness laden tracks, exploring UNESCO world heritage sites, indulging in water sports in the idyllic Adriatic Sea or sampling local cuisines and wines at leisure.

Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Montenegro

If you’re desiring a location that promotes productivity while fitting seamlessly into the digital nomad lifestyle, coworking spaces in Montenegro offer an excellent solution. They provide vital resources such as stable Wi-Fi, networking opportunities, and more importantly – a conducive environment for those prioritizing remote work.

Here are some Montenegro coworking spaces worth exploring:

  • Kolektiv Novi, Herceg Novi: In search of a different setting from the usual office? Kolektiv Novi provides a flexible workspace that’s a refreshing departure from the norm. The charm of the old town adds a special atmosphere, and there’s a terrace for when you need some downtime.
  • Sedam Petaka, Tivat: In search of a cozy yet efficient co-working area in Tivat? Sedam Petaka has got you covered! With approximately 15 workstations at your disposal, you’ll find sturdy desks, ergonomic chairs, and high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi to make sure you can accomplish your tasks seamlessly.
  • Kotor Nest, Kotor: Prepare for a one-of-a-kind blend of work and leisure in one of Montenegro’s most captivating spots. Kotor Nest is the ideal coworking space for digital nomads and business owners in search of an uplifting, collaborative atmosphere to expand their ventures and forge valuable relationships.
  • Become part of the vibrant tech community at, a lively coworking environment situated in Budva, Montenegro’s core. Offering a distinct combination of coworking facilities and an IT bar, serves as the perfect setting for working, networking, and teaming up with peers who share your interests.
  • Mtel Digitalna Fabrika, Podgorica: Situated in the heart of the city, MTEL Digitalna Fabrika is conveniently located and provides various facilities such as a Skype room for online meetings, a well-stocked kitchen, a recreational area for downtime, a training room for seminars and workshops, and a communal space designed for networking and collaborative efforts.

This is not an exhaustive list. Every coworking space has its own unique style, ambiance and facilities providing a great variety of options to choose from.

You can find more co-working spaces in Montenegro here – The Best Co-working Spaces in Montenegro

Healthcare and Travel Insurance in Montenegro

In Montenegro, healthcare services are very affordable but are not really up to the same standards and other European countries, or the UK’s NHS for example. Public healthcare is adequate, but it can be slow and limited in scope when you require something more serious.

Many foreigners living in Montenegro prefer to maintain private international health insurance, which offers quicker and more specialized services. If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker considering Montenegro, travel and health insurance with comprehensive healthcare coverage is highly recommended. Look for policies that include medical evacuation, as local facilities may lack advanced medical equipment. It’s also crucial to confirm that your insurance covers COVID-19 related expenses. Before making a move, consult global health insurance providers to understand your options and ensure you’re adequately covered.

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Thoughts on Montenegro as a Digital Nomad?

If you’re a digital nomad or remote worker mulling over the idea of moving to Montenegro, here are my personal insights based on experiences and authoritative resources.

Firstly, Montenegro’s scenic beauty is beyond words. Tucked in just south of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro offers a stunning combination of picturesque coastal towns, sparkling blue waters, rugged mountain ranges and quaint old-world cities. Notably, it’s the breathtaking landscapes and uncompromised internet accessibility that make Montenegro irresistible for digital nomads and remote workers.

Secondly, fall is arguably one of the best times to visit Montenegro – with summer crowds dwindling, lower travel expenses and spectacular autumn hues blanketing the Mediterranean landscape.

The cost of living here plays an important role in making Montenegro appealing as well. As per Numbeo’s data (2021), living costs in countries like France or Spain can be almost double those in Montenegro which provide substantial savings for those used to Western European prices.

In terms of connectivity, locating high-speed internet will not pose a challenge for tech-savvy nomads in this broadband-friendly nation. While small villages may have some limitations when it comes to speed and reliability, most cities and tourist-dense areas boast excellent connectivity which aligns perfectly with ‘work from anywhere’ trends.

Furthermore, life in Montenegro moves at a lovely lento pace providing great work-life balance — an aspect many globetrotting professionals often miss out on. There’s no dearth of chances to immerse into local culture either- whether it’s exploring ancient heritage spots like Stari Grad (the old town) or relishing traditional food at Konobas (taverns).

What do you need to know about Montenegro?

Montenegro, often referred to as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, is nestled between the pristine Adriatic Sea and towering Balkan Mountains. A true jewel, Montenegro may be small in size but packs a significant cultural, historical, and geographical punch.

Indeed, despite being smaller than most US states, this Balkan country offers a unique array of experiences that can enthrall digital nomads and remote workers alike. This includes everything from cobblestone villages and medieval architecture to the captivating coastal town of Budva known for its vibrant nightlife.

Let’s take a closer look at why Montenegro appeals specifically to digital nomads:

  1. Affordable Living: Compared to most European countries, Montenegro provides an affordable cost of living. This involves cheaper accommodation and reasonably priced services such as transportation and meals.
  2. Natural Beauty: Bask in the midst of awe-inspiring landscapes encompassing mountains, lakes, beaches and ancient towns – ideal for those who wish to balance work with exploration.
  3. Strategic Location: Straddling East and West Europe presents excellent opportunities for travel with ease around Europe and beyond.

Montenegro offers solid internet coverage nationwide, although you’ll find faster speeds in urban areas.

While English isn’t as commonly spoken as in some European countries, many in the hospitality sector can communicate effectively in English. If you’re planning an extended stay, learning some local phrases is a nice touch.

On the legal front, visa requirements can differ from person to person, so consult your local embassy for accurate information.

Overall, Montenegro is a promising destination for digital nomads, blending scenic beauty with practical advantages.

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