How to buy a car in Montenegro? (Guide to buying and registration)

Foreigner’s guide to buying and registering a car in Montenegro.

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How to buy a car in Montenegro?

Here are the documents you might need to register your vehicle especially if you are a foreigner:

  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (“blue card” with the Previous Owner’s Name)
  • Sales Contract that is Notarized (from a notary public)
  • Passport of the buyer as well as the Montenegro residency permit
  • Driver’s license of the buyer
  • Technical Inspection Approval
  • Car Insurance
How to buy a car in Montenegro?
  • Your car registration expires when your Temporary Residence Permit expires
  • Left-hand driving (steering wheel on left side)
  • Low beams light during the day and regular lights during the night
  • There are fines for speeding from 30 Euro to 80 Euro (or more) and you can now pay the police using your credit card when they caught you on the road.
  • International license is not needed for most nationalities in EU, USA etc.
  • You need to convert your Driver’s license after 6 months or getting a residency (but we know a lot of people who didn’t want to give up their American or British driver’s license)

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