How to buy a car in Montenegro? (Guide to buying and registration)

31 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
When you’re off to relocate to another country one reliable asset you need is a car. A car is essential especially if you live in the mountains, like us, and it’s a bit hard to get public transportation. If you’re planning to migrate to Montenegro, here’s a guide on How to Buy a Car in Montenegro.

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Buying a car, like most processes in Montenegro is straightforward. However, it would be better if you are a resident or own a company so that the ownership is under your name as well as the registration. There are used and unused cars for sale in the country, so you don’t have to worry about your budget!

Please remember that getting a car loan is not common for foreigners here so you have to pay everything in full-cash that’s why if you have limited budget, we recommend buying 2nd hand cars or import the cars from your home country.

Where to buy a 2nd hand car in Montenegro?

If you ask locals and expats where to buy a car in Montenegro, you will be directed to this website. From regular four-wheeled cars to motorcycles, bikes, and boats; you can find one here! There are loads of cars you can find here (mostly are used), but you can filter your search to a model, year, price, and mileage.

In case you find something you like, you can find additional information when you click it. The poster’s contact details are also found on the upper right side and you may contact them to check out the car for yourself (usually you contact them thru viber!). If ever you like it, you meet the owner at the notary public office then pay the owner, get the car and proper documents, register the car under your name, and start driving!
Another option as to where to buy a car in Montenegro is at Auto Centar Prima Car. This is a limited corporation where you can find used and ask for new cars. If you have a car and a model you want that’s not yet available in the country, you can go to them as they will import it for you with complete documents. They also allow you to pay through credit or leasing. Please note we’re not related to this company.

3. Car Dealer Shops

If you want brand new cars and test them directly, off you go to the car dealer shops. Many are located in Cetinje, Montenegro. Also, along the way from Podgorica to Budva on the main road, are several car shops. You can inquire in the dealership and test drive directly.

Vehicle Registration Process in Montenegro

Here are the documents you might need to register your vehicle especially if you are a foreigner:
  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (“blue card” with the Previous Owner’s Name)
  • Sales Contract that is Notarized (from a notary public)
  • Passport of the buyer as well as the Montenegro residency permit
  • Driver’s license of the buyer
  • Technical Inspection Approval
  • Car Insurance
As for the payment, you can discuss the terms with the seller or agent. There are some foreigners who are not residents who buy a car but the name is under their Montenegrin friend. Usually, when driving, an authorization letter is also provided with them just in case the police would ask you.

If you’re a foreigner, you can only buy the car and keep it under your name if you already have a Temporary residency permit in Montenegro. When you buy it, you need to go to the Notary office with a court-certified translator (unfortunately, you can’t do it yourself).

After getting the Sales Contract then you have to bring your car to the Authorized Technical inspection (Tehnicki pregled) to get the car checked if it will pass the registration, usually the Inspector will help you with all the process and you just have to pay them for their fees, government taxes, sales tax (unless you paid it after the Notary) and Car insurance (including the Green card so you can drive outside Montenegro). After a few days, your new blue card and the new car plate will arrive so you have to return the old car plate. You have to do this every year.

In our case, we did it at Montleon in Herceg Novi since our residency is based in this city, you have to do the registration where your address is. You also need to know that certain documents are also needed if you bought the car from a different city than your residency, the seller and Notary public could guide you with that.

If you already have your own car; you can also import a car to Montenegro. We did this for our car from the UK to Montenegro. However, you’ll need cross-border insurance and some other documents.

Things you should know in Driving in Montenegro

  • Your car registration expires when your Temporary Residence Permit expires
  • Left-hand driving (steering wheel on left side)
  • Low beams light during the day and regular lights during the night
  • There are fines for speeding from 30 Euro to 80 Euro (or more) and you can now pay the police using your credit card when they caught you on the road.
  • International license is not needed for most nationalities in EU, USA etc.
  • You need to convert your Driver’s license after 6 months or getting a residency (but we know a lot of people who didn’t want to give up their American or British driver’s license)
I hope this is helpful when you want to buy a car in Montenegro. It’s advisable to have a temporary residence permit or have a company when you purchase a car.
If you want to immigrate to Montenegro, please feel free to contact me as I offer consultation and immigration processing!!
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