How to travel with pets to Montenegro (Relocate with your pets)

How to take your pets with you to Montenegro

From living on our sailboat with our two cats, we then rented an apartment in Montenegro. Wherever we go, we always have our children with us – Ahab and Zissou. From Sailor Cats, they became mountain cats as we purchased a house and lot in Herceg Novi. If you want to travel with pets to Montenegro, here’s a guide that’s helpful to you.

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Montenegro is a pet-friendly country; they have pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and beaches. Taking your pets here is relatively easy, especially if you have the right documents. Read this article to prepare for your trip to Montenegro with your fur babies.

Import of Pets to Montenegro

According to the Customs Administration of Montenegro, the transfer of animals is forbidden except for pets. The shipment of up to 5 pets is allowed for non-commercial trade purposes and without veterinary inspection or control as long as they have an appropriate veterinary certificate from the country you are sending them from.

Dogs, cats, and ferrets younger than 3 months are not allowed to be imported to Montenegro. It would help if you waited for them to grow bigger and healthier.


Documents Needed to Travel with Pets to Montenegro

  • Veterinary Certificate – this is issued by an accredited vet that the pet on the documents have been inspected and satisfy regulations for their movement
  • Pet Passport – if humans have passports, pets have one, too! This simplifies the transfer of the animal (passport holder) to other countries without undergoing quarantine. It includes the details of the animals and their updated shots. Both Ahab and Zissou have one as we were traveling from the US and Caribbean.
  • 12 weeks older – they must be at least 3 months old as you can’t import younger ones unless you have a permit from the correct agency
  • Rabies Vaccination – your pet must be vaccinated between 1 – 12 months before entering Montenegro
  • Titer Test – or antibody titration test, performed 30 days after vaccination and at least 3 months from movement. It’s a simple blood test for pets that measures their antibodies to vaccine viruses.
  • Tapeworm treatment – pets must be treated against Echinococcus multilocularis before they enter Montenegro

Entering with Pets to Montenegro

Via Air

  • You can enter via Podgorica Airport where the pets can enter via checked baggage, air cargo, or cabin
  • Check the airlines for their additional requirements

Via Land

  • You may travel with your pets via land
  • One of the most common borders is from Croatia to Montenegro
  • You can also travel to Dubrovnik via air and travel by car to Herceg Novi, but be careful as Croatia is an EU Member and may be more strict in importing animals
  • Many have experienced this, and basically, the borders aren’t that strict and they usually smile at you and your pet

Traveling with pets to Montenegro is very easy; you’ll need a few requirements and tests, and you are ready to move. You can also find good vets in the area for your baby’s check-up. Currently, we have 6 cats in total, 4 which we adopted here in Montenegro; Blackie, Bonnie, and Clyde, and Little Jana. In case you want to adopt pets, check out our article on Where to Adopt Dogs or Cats in Montenegro. Good luck!

Learn more about living in Montenegro and temporary residency in Montenegro!


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