Where to adopt cats in Montenegro (Bring a kitty home)

31 March 2023
Written By Guest
I am a proud cat-lady and cat-mom. I have 6 cats that were all adopted, somehow it started only with Captain Ahab then Little Zissou. As we started our home in Montenegro, we got Blackie and then when we transferred to our stone house we got the twins Bonnie and Clyde and their sister little Jana. If you want to be a fur mom, this is how to adopt cats in Montenegro.

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The cat chooses you, not the other way around. That’s what most people say about these furry temperamental cuddly creatures. It’s true! Lo and behold our 4 cats in Montenegro just popped in our house and felt at home. I became their mom even though I did not plan to! Adopting is the best way not only to save these furry creatures but to give them a chance of a better home too!
Warning! Cuteness Overload Ahead! Browse through this site and find a little kitten or an adult cat that’s near your location. Pictures are available and so are some details. I hope you get tempted and take them home! The cats need a family or your family needs a cat!
A non-profit organization where you can adopt cats in Montenegro is the NVO Ruka Sapi. See their Facebook Page or websites for kitties that are still looking for a new home. This organization is based in Podgorica. Hope you fall in love with one of them and they could go into a loving home!
Check out the lovely cats that on the Facebook feed of NVO SPAS. This is another organization that helps and rescues animals, too. Follow their page and you might see a kitty you are willing to bring back home. If there's nothing that piques your interest, you could also donate to them.
Another organization that helps stray cats in Montenegro, particularly in Kotor is Kotor Kitties. They have two separate organizations in the US and UK. Follow their page so you can adopt, help, or know what to do with cats!

5. Tivat Tabbies

Update November 2022 - Tivat Tabbies is no longer in operation.
If Kotor Kitties is based in Kotor, Tivat Tabbies is in Tivat. This organization was found in 2018 after the kittens found a carer (not the other way around). Check out some strays you could bring into your home on their page.
Cats are loving creatures you will not regret adopting to your home. They are a bit easier to handle than dogs as you don't need to walk them, they enjoy lazing or playing around whether inside a room or outdoors. I hope you'll find a cat or cats one day as I experienced, you won't regret it as they will make your life more lively!
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