Foreigners living in Montenegro series: Tony and Lisa Edwards

31 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Tony and Lisa Edwards are a British couple who came to Montenegro and fell in love with everything about the country. Several years later they found their perfect home and made the big move to live in Montenegro! They moved here permanently in 2016 and set up a property management business; Our Place in the Sun. Here is their Montenegro story….
“For many years I ran a support business working for UK local government agencies and Lisa ran a successful 4-star Bed & Breakfast from our farmhouse in Wales. Then in 2008, the credit crunch happened, followed by austerity. What this meant for us was early retirement and a change of direction.”

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“I had started visiting Montenegro after Lisa had introduced it to me a few years earlier. I’ve never forgotten the feeling I had when I saw this place for the first time. I was mesmerised by its raw beauty. I was well and truly hooked! I asked Lisa to marry me shortly afterwards and she accepted. Phew! The following year we had a magical wedding along the shores of the fjord.”
“One evening, back in the UK,  we watched an episode of a lifestyle program called ‘ A Place In The Sun', which aims to help people find the perfect holiday home.  We decided to apply to the show in the hope that they would find us a suitable property. We then came over with the film crew and spent 5 glorious days filming in and around the fjord viewing various properties and getting to know the fabulous Jasmin Harmon who was the presenter of the show.  Eventually, we would get to find our perfect ‘Place in the Sun’  when 2 years later we saw our house in the stunning region of Lustica. A place we now call home and live all year round with our Golden doodle, Belle. “
“The transition for us from the UK to Montenegro was fairly easy as we had spent quite a number of years researching various subjects in terms of living/working/lifestyle etc. Our house required no immediate works so we could move in with ease from the very start. Since then, of course, we now have our temporary residence cards and have set up a company in which to continue with our work here.”

Quick Facts:
  • Name: Tony and Lisa Edwards
  • Nationality: British
  • Moved To Montenegro (Year?): 2016
  • Town/City: Zabrde, Lustica
1. When was the first time you visited Montenegro and what was your first impression?
Lisa first introduced me to Montenegro in 2007 and its beauty left me mesmerised.
2. What were you doing in your home country prior to moving to Montenegro?
For many years I ran a support business working for UK local government agencies and Lisa ran a successful 4 star Bed & Breakfast from our farm house in Wales.
3. When did you move to Montenegro and how was the moving process?
I moved to Montenegro in 2016 and Lisa joined me later. Moving was easy we bought our new home fully furnished so it was easy to move right in, all we needed was our personal possessions, then as time went by we exchanged the furniture for our own.
4. Why did you decide to move to Montenegro, rather than any other country?
There was no contest, I am drawn to new territory and Montenegro has it all.
5. What was your experience in applying for a Temporary Residence Permit in Montenegro during that time?
Applying for residence permits was at first a stressful operation, we didn't know where to access the information so we employed a local to take us through the process. Since then we have acquired enough experience to renew them ourselves.
6. What do you for a living in Montenegro? How do you sustain your life here?
We run a Montenegro property management company aptly called Our Place In The Sun” We look after the property maintenance and security of the villas, including the preparation for the clients’ arrival. For owners who want to rent the villas out to holidaymakers, we act on their behalf managing bookings, preparing the villas and attending to their guests’ needs during their stay.
7. How much is your approximate monthly cost of living in Montenegro? Can you compare it to the cost of living in your home country?
Our monthly living costs in Montenegro average out at about 1,000 euros
8. Why did you choose to live in your village?
We fell in love with the view.
9. What are the things/activities that you enjoy doing in Montenegro? (Hobbies/ gatherings)
I like to renovate. Having a dog, we like long walks. We also like to swim in the sea during the warm weather months.
10. What are your top 5 reasons you love living in Montenegro?
The natural beauty, low cost of living, business opportunities, meeting like minded people and living stress free.
11. What do you dislike, or would like to change in Montenegro?
I would like to see the roads and infrastructure improved, other than that I am happy.
12. What are your favorite tourist destinations in Montenegro that you always recommend to your family/friends?
  • Rose - is an amazing a picturesque water front village with a fabulous sea food restaurant accessed from road and sea. 
  • Perast - an historic place on the waterfront. Lots of places to eat with a fabulous view of the ‘Lady of the rocks’ Island.  
  • Lustica - a hidden gem still very much untouched by tourism has some amazing views 
13. What’s your advice for anyone planning to relocate to Montenegro?
Research which part of Montenegro you wish to live first as the country is extremely diverse. Some parts are extremely touristy in high season and a bit desolate in the the winter. Factors worth considering when you plan to live there all year round. Whilst prices on properties are relatively average at the moment, as popularity increases, this will certainly change, so the advice would be to invest sooner rather than later.

Fast Talk:
  • Favorite City - Kotor
  • Favorite Restaurant (and location) - Catovica Mlini - Morinj
  • Favorite Hotel (and location) - Regent - Porto in Porto Montenegro, Tivat
  • Favorite Beaches - Dobrece Movida beach    
  • Best Montenegrin Dishes - Lamb under the sac
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