Travel Guide to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

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Travel guide to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

The best things to do in Kotor, Montenegro

Travel guide to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

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Travel guide to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

In the prehistoric and Kotor’s original matrix, skilled creators defined and built a solid and permanent city form. It was developing harmoniously through antiquity and the Middle Ages until today. Its geographical position was ideal for the formation of a prehistoric settlement. From its point could be seen land and sea, there was a possibility to build a large and safe harbor and sanctuary atop a mountain overlooking the town. Sharp rocks protected the port not only from storms but also from various invaders. The immediate surroundings included terrains suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry. 

Due to its geographical position and, at that time, enormous economic capacity, Kotor was always the target of various invaders. 

In addition to most of the Montenegrin coast, a terrible earthquake destroyed Kotor’s old town in 1979. The devastated country’s reconstruction lasted for a full ten years, and restorers’ teams paid special attention to reconstructing the ancient cities.

Travel guide to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

A step away from the main gate, the old town market is open every morning. People sell vegetables, fresh fish, olive oil, cheese, and more. Here you can hear the specific coastal tone and slang of the locals. The scene of this place is entirely different from the rest of the atmosphere. Therefore, according to some opinions, it should be removed. We hope that this idea will evaporate and that this town will keep its spirit.

Within the walls, you have a wide selection of restaurants, pubs, cafes. Each of them reflects the atmosphere of the street or square on which it is located. The squares have the names of the facilities or activities that took place within them. The square of salad, of flour, of milk, of weapon, of the cathedral, each of them served its purpose. You can enjoy music, theater, and film on the ramparts’ outdoor stage during the summer. This unique stage has mountain rocks as a background. It is bordered by the river Škurda, and on the third side, you can see the tops of the city churches. it’s hard to imagine a better place to spend a summer evening.

Walk to the fortress above the city. The view is priceless.
Cinema, small museums, and boutiques are bustling with life in summer. And, of course, cats. Cats are everywhere. They got their museum too.

Traffic has never been in the minds of the creators of this town. Only pedestrians and special tricycles that take away waste or supply shops pass through the streets.
In winter, however, everything is different. The town is most of the day in the shade of the surrounding mountains. It happens that rain in streams flows through the streets. The south wind, called “Jugo,” is mentioned by the locals as if they talked about a person. The colors of Kotor’s old town, the mountains above it, the winter sea, and the cloudy sky merge into one color, distinctly gray. Only pieces of pink stones from the sidewalk stand out from the scene. It sounds a bit sinister, but that gives the specificity it has.

People from Boka are famous for their outdoor parties, city festivals, and carnival. These events have a long tradition, and even today, they are expected as a holiday.

Travel guide to Kotor Old Town in Montenegro

Countless steps echoed across the stone sidewalks of Kotor over the centuries. The beautiful streets reflect light like mirrors. Their pastel colors and smoothness encourage you to forget about fatigue, walk long and slowly, and not miss a single detail.

Come and explore the wonders of Kotor for yourself and find out why some of the best things to see and do in Montenegro are right here!  

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