Travel guide to Budva Old Town in Montenegro

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Travel guide to Budva Old Town in Montenegro

Equally beautiful from all angles, the old town lies on a peninsula at the end of Budva‘s main promenade. The connection between the fortification and the mainland spreads in the form of the main square. This stone plateau, whose primary purpose is to gather citizens, has the most beautiful possible edges: the harbor, the old town’s walls, the park, and the sandy beach with a view of the open sea.
Travel guide to Budva Old Town in Montenegro
Travel guide to Budva Old Town in Montenegro

The labyrinths of narrow streets will convince you for a moment that you can get lost here (although this is impossible). Like in all Mediterranean cities, houses here have a simple form and an unavoidable feature – wooden shutters. Although irresponsible individuals did not adhere to the urban rules, the property’s owner must preserve the old facades’ original shape and materialization in any external intervention. Thanks to such laws, a curious eye will notice the metal rings on the shutters’ edges. A wooden plank runs through them, which fastens the shutters in strong winds in a wholly old-fashioned way.

Travel guide to Budva Old Town in Montenegro
Travel guide to Budva Old Town in Montenegro

Once you finish exploring the city from the inside, we advise you to walk to Mogren beach and watch the fortification from that side. The view of a small, stone settlement that faces the sea over ramparts, especially when the waves bounce off them, is something you will remember.

We hope that this Travel Guide to Budva Old Town will give you a taste of the best things to see and do in Budva, Montenegro!

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