8 Best things to do in Kolašin, Montenegro during summer

Summer tours and activities in Kolašin

Kolasin is a town located in the northern part of Montenegro. It is popularly known as a winter destination because of its ski centers that are famous for both local and foreign tourists. However, there is actually so much more to explore in this town more than just skiing. And you can experience that when you visit during the summer season. For this reason, we made a list of places to visit and things to do in Kolasin during summer. Check it out below!

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List of best things to do in Kolasin, Montenegro

1. Bjelasica Mountain

Bjelasica describes the mountainous region around Kolasin. It is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Montenegro. It is located east of Mount Moraca. Hiking along the mountain trails will leave an impression on your mind and body for a long time. At the foot of Bjelasica, there is the Biogradska Gora park, there are a wonderful lake and many routes for walking.

2. Biogradska Gora National Park Visitor Centre

This is a stunning national park. Relic trees are so high that you feel like a gnome in a fairy forest. The national park, which is a 15-minute drive from Kolasin, is such a nice place to visit. The nature is magnificent, there is a walking track around the lake for about 4 km and it takes 1 hour to take a full tour. It is possible to capture great shots with photography. 


3. Komovi Mountain Range

Komovi is a mountain range located in the eastern part of Montenegro and stretches between the farthest river Lim in the east and the Tara river in the west. You can get there from Kolasin. The mountains seem to be made for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. There are trails for both beginners, just a walk for the day, and for professionals. 

4. Bendovac Viewpoint

From this point, you can see the entire Biogradska Gora park and the wonderful Biogradsko Lake. From a bird’s eye view, an absolutely crazy view opens up! It is best to go there on a horse-drawn excursion – you can get a unique experience. 

5. Dulovina Botanical Garden

The Dulovina Botanical Garden was created by Daniel Vincek in 1981 at an altitude of over 1000 m. This botanical garden contains specimens of the flora of the mountainous part of the country and is located in the southern part of Kolasin. A visit to the Dulovina Botanical Garden is a must for anyone interested in vegetation and more particularly in altitude vegetation!

6. Cultural Center Kolasin

The Kolasin cultural center is located on the main square of the city, where the fountain is. On the ground floor, there is a souvenir shop. In the cultural center itself, you can get information about the city, surroundings, and attractions, as well as access to the Internet. The center participates in the organization of various cultural events aimed at both the townspeople and tourists. Surely a must-visit!

7. Partisan Memorial Cemetery

The partisan war against Nazi fascism is still very much felt and alive in the life of Montenegrins and the Kolasin monument is the testimony of it. It is an impressive bronze monument in a typically communist-style, set in a city park with lots of greenery and some beautiful fountains. This monument is located in the very center of Kolasin, on a small but central square. Central streets and several restaurants are within walking distance. It attracts the attention of tourists with its simplicity and grace. 

8. St. Demetrius Church

The church of St. Demetrius is the most interesting church in Kolasin. After the liberation of Kolasin from the Turks, the first rebuilt Orthodox church was this church, which is located in the very center of the city of Kolasin. The building was erected on the site of the chapel of John the Baptist, which was arranged in a Turkish watchtower. 


And that’s our list of the 8 best things to do in Kolasin, Montenegro during summer. Although it is ideal to visit Kolasin during winter, it’s still a good idea to explore this town in summer!

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