5 Best Things To Do in Pljevlja, Montenegro

29 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Situated in the northern part of Montenegro, Pljevlja is a town in the Pljevlja municipality. Being a small town, it doesn’t require its visitor a long time to be able to explore the whole area. That means you don’t really need to plan everything ahead when you visit here. You can visit heritage sites and be able to try traditional and delicious food. To know what we’re talking about, check out our list of the best things to do in Pljevlja, Montenegro below for your future reference.

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List of things to do in Pljevlja, Montenegro

1. Hussein-Pasha Mosque

Hussein-Pasha is known as the person who built Taslıca (Pljevlja) during the Ottoman Empire period. He created many charity works in and around Taslıca. The most beautiful and famous one being this mosque. It is considered the most beautiful mosque in Montenegro. It was built in 1569 and at 42 meters, it has the highest minaret in all of the Balkans. Inside, you’ll find unusual designs as the interiors are painted with frescoes that have geometric and floral patterns. The mosque is currently being restored in accordance with its original structure.

2. Monastery of the Holy Trinity

This monastery, very close to the city, is nevertheless very peaceful. The architecture of the buildings around the garden is original, the gallery on the ground floor encourages rest. It dates back from 1537 and has an Ottoman-style structure. Behind this church, you will find a small waterfall and a pond.

3. Etno Vodenica Ćirović

Ethno Watermill "Ćirović" is a century-old water mill that never stopped working. It was the formerly primary source of flour and hs a traditional rural architecture. At this mill, you will witness how grains are grinding under the millstone driven by the power of the creek. You can also visit the miller's room to taste traditional food that is made on spot. If you want to try one of the traditional dishes, you need to reserve the day before.

4. Pljevlja Heritage Museum

A small museum that houses impressive collections of ancient jewelry, old costumes, and prehistoric art that are discovered around the nearby areas. However, the highlight of the museum is the 4th century BC glass 'cage cup'. You can view this cup by making an appointment beforehand.

5. Try the Food at the Pekara Napoli

Pekara Napoli is located near the town center and it offers a variety of delicious dishes. Their menus include sandwiches, pizzas, and tortillas. These dishes are prepared and cooked in front of you! This makes Pekara Napoli an above-average bakery that you should visit. The bakery also offers a place to sit down and enjoy the meal. Don’t miss this one out when you are in Pljevlja.
These are the 5 best things to do in Pljevlja, Montenegro that you can explore. And since there are only limited things to do, this town can be a side trip during your stay in the country. With unique and amazing things to learn and see, Pljvelja surely deserves your time and attention. Have you heard about this town before? If yes, share with us your thoughts!
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