Where to adopt dogs in Montenegro

31 March 2023
Author - Jonathan Howe
Montenegro is a great place to adopt a dog! As you all know, I am a proud mom to 6 cats, more than half of them are from Montenegro. If you’re not a cat lady, like me, but a dog lover, you could get one in Montenegro. I think the best way to get a pet is “adopt, don’t shop.” This article will show you where to adopt dogs in Montenegro.

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They say a dog is a man’s best friend, though I’m a cat person, many of my friends do swear by this. These loving creatures will protect and love you as best as they can. There are many strays out there; abandoned by previous owners or grew up in the streets. Rather than killing them or leave them starving, there are many groups who help these stray dogs. Though they can be traumatized they still love people, with proper love and attention; you might find your next best friend!
SAM is an NGO that is primarily located in Bar, Montenegro. They don’t only help abandoned animals but also provide awareness and help to locals and tourists. With many successful rehoming or adoptions, you can safely adopt dogs in Montenegro with this organisation. You can submit your success story and be featured in their gallery, too!
Site visitor beware; you will fall in love with the cutie patooties on the screen! What’s nice about this website is that you can easily find a dog that’s near your location plus you can filter for a puppy or an adult. Browse through the available pictures and visit the shelter. You could find your new best friend in a snap!
NVO Ruka Sapi is another non-profit organization where you can adopt dogs in Montenegro. They are based in the capital city, Podgorica. You can check out their Facebook page for the latest pets for adoption. Beware, though, the dogs are so cute here, you might fall in love at first sight! But why not?
Follow their feed and not only will you want to adopt a dog, but you would also definitely want to donate to help out this organization, too! NVO SPAS not only lets you see dogs for adoption but you could witness them rescue and help animals. Donate and Adopt Now!
Azil Kotor is a dog shelter that collects homeless or unwanted dogs usually in Kotor and Tivat. The state is funding them. Dogs are provided shelter and medicines until they find a new home or you! There are over 200 dogs to choose from. I hope you can find one that fits you and offer them your loving home!
Happy Paws is an organization that helps street dogs and pets. They offer various services like pet hotels, pet transport, and grooming. Not only do they help dogs getting adopted to families but also teach people about treating these lovely creatures right. They are based in Podgorica; try to visit their website or shelter in Steke.
There are many abandoned or stray dogs out there waiting to be loved! I hope you open your arms and hearts to them as they love ten or thousandfold. May this guide on where to adopt dogs in Montenegro lead you to your new best friend!
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