Reasons to Rent a Car in Montenegro

Why Montenegro Car Rental Unlocks the Ultimate Adventure!

27 April 2023

Written By Jonathan Howe

Experience Montenegro with a Car Rental

Reasons to Rent a Car in Montenegro

Reasons to Rent a Car in Montenegro

Why Rent a Car in Montenegro?

Montenegro is a small country that packs a big punch when it comes to natural beauty, culture, and history. From the stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea to the rugged mountains of Durmitor National Park, there is so much to see and do in Montenegro. Montenegro car rental is the perfect way to explore this diverse country, and here are some reasons why:

Freedom to Explore

When you rent a car in Montenegro, you have complete freedom to explore the country at your own pace. You can choose your own itinerary and visit the destinations that interest you the most. Whether you want to spend a day lounging on a secluded beach, hike through the mountains, or explore historic towns and cities, you can do it all on your own schedule. You won’t have to worry about missing a bus or train or rushing to keep up with a tour group.

Comfort and Convenience

Renting a car in Montenegro provides you with comfort and convenience. You can avoid the crowds, queues, and delays of public transportation and travel in style and comfort. You’ll also have more space to stretch out and store your luggage. With your own car, you can stop whenever and wherever you want, whether it’s to take a photo of a stunning view or to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant.

Cost-Effective Travel

Renting a car in Montenegro can be an affordable option for travelers. You can compare prices of different rental companies and choose the one that suits your budget. Moreover, when you have a car, you can save money on accommodation by staying in cheaper, off-the-beaten-track destinations. For example, you can stay in a small village in the mountains or by the sea, where prices are lower, and still be able to explore all the major attractions in the area.
Another way to save money when renting a car in Montenegro is to book in advance. Many rental companies offer discounts for early bookings, so it’s worth checking out their websites or contacting them directly to find out what deals they have available.

Discover Hidden Gems of Montenegro

One of the best things about renting a car in Montenegro is that you can discover hidden gems that are off the beaten track. While the major tourist destinations like Kotor, Budva, and Sveti Stefan are definitely worth a visit, there are many other places that are just as beautiful and interesting but less crowded. For example, you can visit the small fishing village of Bigova, explore the ancient town of Stari Bar, or hike to the stunning Skadar Lake National Park.
Overall, renting a car in Montenegro is a great way to explore this beautiful country on your own terms. With the freedom, comfort, and cost-effectiveness that renting a car provides, you can make the most of your time in Montenegro and create unforgettable memories.

Choosing the Right Car Rental Company

Are you planning a trip to Montenegro and need to rent a car? Choosing the right car rental company can make all the difference in your travel experience. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a car rental company:

Reputation and Reliability

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a car rental company is its reputation and reliability. You want to make sure that the company you choose has a good track record of providing quality service and reliable vehicles.
Before making a reservation, take some time to research different car rental companies in Montenegro. Check online reviews and ratings to see what other travelers have to say about their experiences renting cars in the country. Look for companies that have high ratings and positive reviews, and avoid those with a history of negative feedback.

Vehicle Selection and Availability

Another important factor to consider when choosing a car rental company is its vehicle selection and availability. You want to choose a company that has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, including different sizes, brands, and types of cars.
Before making a reservation, check the company’s website to see what vehicles they have available. Make sure they have the type of car you need, whether it’s a compact car for city driving or a larger SUV for off-road adventures. You should also ensure that the rental company has the car you want available on the dates you need it.

Pricing and Insurance Options

When choosing a car rental company, it’s important to compare prices and understand the insurance options available. Look for companies that offer competitive pricing, including a reasonable daily rental rate and mileage charges.
However, keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best. Some companies may have hidden fees or charges that can quickly add up. Make sure you understand all the costs associated with renting a car, including any additional fees for things like extra drivers or GPS.
It’s also important to understand the insurance options available and what they cover. Some companies may offer basic insurance coverage, while others may offer more comprehensive options. Make sure you choose a plan that provides adequate coverage for your needs.
By considering these factors when choosing a car rental company in Montenegro, you can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Top Destinations to Visit in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small Balkan country that packs a big punch when it comes to natural beauty and cultural richness. From charming coastal towns to magnificent national parks, there is something for everyone in Montenegro. Here are some top destinations to put on your itinerary.

The Coastal Towns of Budva and Kotor

Budva and Kotor are two of the most popular destinations in Montenegro, and for good reason. Budva is a charming seaside town with a beautiful old town, sandy beaches, and lively nightlife. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the old town and admire the medieval architecture, or head to one of the many beaches and soak up the sun. If you’re looking for some excitement after dark, Budva has a buzzing nightlife scene with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from.
Kotor, on the other hand, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a stunning medieval old town and a picturesque harbor. The old town is surrounded by walls that date back to the 9th century, and the narrow streets are lined with ancient buildings and churches. Take a walk up to the fortress for panoramic views of the town and the bay, or hop on a boat and explore the nearby islands.

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is a nature lover’s paradise, with rugged mountains, deep canyons, and crystal-clear lakes. It’s a great destination for hiking, skiing, and adventure activities. The park is home to the highest peak in Montenegro, Bobotov Kuk, which stands at 2,523 meters. Take a hike to the summit for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. In the winter, the park is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding.

The Capital City of Podgorica

Podgorica is Montenegro’s capital city and a great place to experience the country’s culture and history. The city has a mix of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and modern architecture, as well as art galleries, museums, and restaurants. Take a stroll through the old town and admire the Ottoman-era clock tower and the remains of the old city walls. Visit the National Museum of Montenegro to learn about the country’s rich history, or head to the Millennium Bridge for panoramic views of the city.

The Scenic Tara River Canyon

The Tara River Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon. It’s a magnificent natural wonder with turquoise river waters, lush forests, and steep cliffs. It’s a great destination for rafting, kayaking, and hiking. Take a guided tour down the river for an exciting adventure, or hike along the canyon rim for stunning views of the scenery below.
Montenegro is a hidden gem in Europe, with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, Montenegro has something to offer. So pack your bags and get ready to explore this beautiful country!

Tips for Driving in Montenegro

Driving in Montenegro can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be challenging for inexperienced drivers. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Understanding Local Traffic Laws

Make sure you understand local traffic laws before you hit the road. Some roads may be narrow and winding, and there may be speed limits and traffic signs that are different from what you’re used to. Be aware of traffic regulations and respect local drivers.

Navigating Montenegrin Roads

Montenegrin roads can be narrow, steep, and winding, especially in mountainous areas. Be prepared to encounter sharp turns, hairpin bends, and steep gradients. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, especially when driving on narrow roads.

Parking and Fueling Your Rental Car

When parking your rental car in Montenegro, look for designated parking areas or public parking lots. In some areas, parking may not be allowed on the roadside. When fueling your rental car, make sure you know the type of fuel it requires and where the nearest gas stations are located.


Renting a car in Montenegro is an excellent way to make the most of your trip to this stunning country. With a car, you’ll have the freedom to explore at your own pace and visit the destinations that interest you the most. Just make sure you choose the right rental company, understand local traffic laws, and be prepared for the unique experiences that Montenegro has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Montenegro Car Rental

Can I drive a rental car from Croatia into Montenegro?

Certainly, you can drive a Montenegro car rental from Croatia into Montenegro. However, make sure you inquire about cross-border policies and any extra charges with your car rental Montenegro provider.

Am I allowed to drive a Montenegro rental car into Croatia?

Absolutely, you can drive a rental car from Montenegro to Croatia. Nevertheless, always consult your rental cars Montenegro agency about their cross-border rules and any additional fees.

Is it possible to take a rental car from Albania to Montenegro?

Indeed, you can take a rental car from Albania to Montenegro. It is essential to confirm your rent a car Montenegro company’s cross-border policies and any supplementary costs.

What is the most affordable rental car in Montenegro?

How simple is it to rent a car in Montenegro?

Can I drive a rental car from Montenegro to Bosnia?

Yes, driving a rental car from Montenegro to Bosnia is allowed. Always verify cross-border regulations and additional charges with your car rental provider.

Is it possible to rent a car in Montenegro and drop it off in Albania?

Some car rental companies in Montenegro might permit one-way rentals to Albania, but this usually comes with extra fees. Consult your chosen provider for specific details.

Am I allowed to take a rental car from Montenegro to Albania?

Certainly, you can take a rental car from Montenegro to Albania. However, it’s essential to confirm cross-border regulations and extra costs with your car rental agency.

Can non-residents drive in Montenegro?

Non-residents can drive in Montenegro using a valid international driving permit along with their national driver’s license.

How easy is it to drive from Dubrovnik to Montenegro?

The drive from Dubrovnik to Montenegro is relatively simple, with a well-maintained coastal road connecting the two locations. The trip typically takes about 2-3 hours, depending on traffic and border crossing times.

Is it feasible to travel around Montenegro without a car?

While you can travel around Montenegro without a car using public transportation or taxis, having a rental car offers greater flexibility and convenience for exploring the country.

Do Montenegro and Croatia have a border check?

Yes, there is a border check between Montenegro and Croatia. Make sure you carry a valid passport and any required travel documents for a hassle-free crossing.

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